The beautiful actress opens up about why she think that marriage is “not a priority” right now, speaking to Essence:

“I’ll be at home with my man, having a perfectly loving time, and I’ll see all these comments on some site about how wrong I am for not being married. I don’t feel less loved or less loving because I’m not married.

Massai’s dad and I have had the most challenging times, and I wasn’t always sure we wouldn’t end like my mother and father. But we’ve arrived at a place where I can truly say he’s not a baby daddy, he’s my friend, finally. He is an amazing father.”

Good for her, she not have to answer to anyone else but herself.

Joe is clearly not shy, especially after playing a stripper in Magic Mike

Joe Manganiello who showed everyone what we are missing in the hit Magic Mike broke up with his fiance, Audra Marie last year…but now it seems he has a new squeeze…

With Andra Marie, his ex-girlfriend

The actor seems to have a type since he was caught kissing and cuddling with tall, leggy blonde, Veronique-Sophie Lazoore. The two were out shopping when they were spotted. Lazoore is a French actress.

Check out the photos below of the new couple…

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I went to see Magic Mike…yup…and I loved it, being in a movie theater with a bunch of other women who were all thinking the same thing as me…is pretty fun. I have always liked Channing Tatum…he just seems down to Earth, doesn’t take himself too seriously.

But another “stripper” that also showed a lot in the film? Matthew McConaughey…who may or may not have used those moves to land his wife Camila Alves…she obviously digs it since she is now pregnant with baby number 3!

At the premiere for the new stripper flick the beautiful brunette shows her baby bump, looking as radiant as ever.


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Let this brilliant round diamond take center stage! Tacori Engagement Ring 592RD. The aerial perspective of this luxurious piece reveals the true beauty of this stunning design. The balance between the high-polished ceiling and the unique spotlight diamonds that light up your choice of a center stone, create a truly harmonious engagement ring. The inner face is delicately detailed with our sculpted crescent design.



Alec Baldwin seems super happy these days and it looks like Hilaria Thomas is the one to thank for that. The pretty brunette went ahead and married the actor earlier this month and yesterday they released their first photo as husband and wife.

The wedding dress is very classy and stylish, I like it, Thomas dresses very chic and is quite beautiful. Baldwin looked sharp in his tux, his recent weight loss obvious, he’s definitely looking good.

The couple also showed off their new wedding bands, Baldwin’s is a simple white metal band, probably platinum, while she wears a thin band with pave diamonds that matches her sparkly and huge engagement ring perfectly.

Congrats you two! Can’t wait for more pictures!


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Slowly we are getting more and more pics from the major weddig celebration, and now we finally have one with Evelyn Lozada‘s dress! I like the dress I think its very pretty, my only gripe…its a tad too low cut? I find wedding dresses look best when they are a little more elegant…but hey, its not my wedding!

Chad Ochocinco wore some very shiny shoes for the occasion, and that just made me love him more, he seems to be a lot of fun.

Photo  Via / MTO

Ellie Kemper married writer Michael Koman in NYC over the weekend . Choosing to wear a beautiful fitted dress the easy going actress exchanged vows in front of some of her heavy hitter co-stars, including, Mindy Kaling and Kristen Wiig.

Preparing for her wedding, she took to appreciate the movie, Bridesmaids, which she was a part of, saying:

“Now I really understand why a movie about this topic was made! Everything I said about being really flexible and loose about everything is not happening.”

Congrats you two!

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We already know that R. Kelly is not the most faithful husband…let alone someone who should be questioning romance given that there has been rumors that he was into younger girls for years. …Something that helped stall his career…so when he spoke out and said that the reason his marriage failed was because he watched one of the most romantic movies of the last decade, The Notebook, we took a step back.

The Notebook is extremely romantic and its not fluff, it does have a great story, Ryan Gosling came into our hearts with that film and hell…we gladly took him! But should a marriage depend on a movie? That seems…a bit much.

Kelly shares in his memoir, Soulacoaster:

“As the film credits started to roll, I couldn’t move. I burst into tears. People walking past me patted me on the back, trying to console me. ‘The Notebook’ was beautiful, and I was crying because its hero and heroine had died together.  But I was also crying because I remembered a Valentine’s Day — when a helicopter dropped a rainfall of roses — that had come and gone … My marriage had died. And there was nothing I could do to bring it back.”

Regardless, Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly decided to clear the air, she spoke out and said he’s lying:

“[The movie] came out in 2004 and we saw it together.  Our divorce wasn’t finalized until 2009 so it’s impossible that the movie could have been the reason for our relationship ending. We had been separated for 6 years at that point! The movie definitely did not end our relationship!”

Sad to see Kelly fall so far…


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While speaking to In Style Jessica Biel shares what makes for a good relationship, where she wants to raise her kids, and how her fiance Justin Timberlake is the more stylish of the two. She also makes sure we know that she had nothing to do with choosing the engagement ring:

“I had no say whatsoever [in the ring]. I don’t micromanage. He is fearless in his choices and has a real eye for design. And I’ll be honest: He has better taste than I do. When I walk out of the closet after getting dressed in the morning, I’ll go like this [turns palms upward as if to say, ‘Well?’] And he goes like this [shakes his head no]. Then he picks again. It’s hilarious.”

On what works in a relationship:

“Letting go of the little stuff. You can’t let it get to you. It is important to me to have a partner who is loving and fun – someone who inspires me. And he must be a good person. I would like those future little people to have the experience I had, in some capacity. It was fun. I love Colorado; I’ve always thought that could be a possibility for me.

The best thing I learned from [my parents] is that you have to put your relationship first. You need to make time for your partner. It’s really easy to let that go by the wayside. It’s easy to say, ‘Hey, I’ll see you later. I love you.’ And you can’t do that.

Justin and I have a rule that we don’t let a certain amount of time go by without seeing each other, but it doesn’t always work. But from here on out, I want to participate in making smart choices for the relationship.

In my earlier experiences with relationships, I was really vulnerable to somebody else’s personality, hobbies and way of life. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become proud of the traits that make me who I am. Maintaining my individuality is really important to me because otherwise I can easily slip into somebody else’s life. So I’m glad I’m getting better at it. It’s a process, but it’s getting simpler.”


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