A Unique Beach Proposal

Who doesn’t love the beach right? Its perfect! You have the beautiful endless water and in the afternoon a stunning sunset. Its very romantic if you’re with the right person…and a lot of times the beach is preferred setting for a proposal. But we always see the same ol’ “will you marry me?” Not that its not lovely, cause it certaintly is!

But this guy took it to the next level. The detail and time it must have took! I love beach proposals! How could you not?



Photo / mywings-hiswind / Hello Giggles

A Dr. Who Wedding Proposal

I don’t watch Dr. Who, not because I don’t want to, but because I need to really sit down and watch it from the beginning…or at least the beginning of the recent doctor, and that’s already like 3 season I believe.

But I do have tumblr, and when it comes to Dr. Who…tumblr is definitely a supporter. So I was not surprised when I came across a Dr. Who engagement ring box. I won’t lie…its pretty damn cute. Check it out below. Talk about the perfect proposal for a hardcore fan right? Now me...this is more up my alley.


Photo / Ravenford tumblr

Matthew McConaughey On Proposing: “Her First Answer Was Not Yes”

Matthew McConaughey is a catch…he is extrememly talkative,very open and lively, not to mention easy on the eyes and ears to be honest…who doesn’t like that southern drawl. But his girlfriend of 6 years and mother of his two children, Camila Alves, was not immediately charmed when he got down on one knee in front of his family and popped the question.

He talks about the proposal, “Look, I’m down on a knee. I’ll stay here awhile. I will outlast you” her reaction and the huge wedding festivities on Jay Leno, check it out below.

Screencap / Daily Mail

Guy Proposes At Foster The People Concert

Will Staney really wanted to make his proposal special, him and his girl were heading to a Foster The People concert…so what to do…hmm…how about proposing there…but how? Twitter to the rescue! Staney reached out and sent the band this message:

Video below, I love how the band actually helped make this happen! Lets do more of this celeb twitterers:

The Official Will Staney Proposal at Foster the People Concert from Aaron Rector on Vimeo.

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Amar’e Stoudemire Proposes To Girlfriend

The proposal!

The NBA Knick player has had many ups and downs with the mother of his children, Alexis Welch. He has three kids with the beauty but they would break up and get back together over their 10 year relationship.  Stoudemire even dated singer Ciara for a bit but he realized it was time to get his act together and make an honest woman of the mother of his children and real love.

The couple enjoyed their day in Paris following the engagement

The baller took Welch to Paris where he got down on one knee and proposed, he even shared that he teared up when she said yes. Stoudemire did not skimp on the ring either, he proposed with an 8.5 carat radiant cut ring, worth more than $1 million dollars. The engagement ring was designed by celeb jeweler Shayan Afshar. The couple announced they will be walking down the aisle in 2013.

Ciara instagramed this photo

The only problem with this engagement announcement? The haters. As in Ciara. Who posting a picture of herself wearing a bunch of diamond rings the very day the news was made public. Bitter, eh?



Photo / Nicole Bitchie / Straight From The A

Cute Spider Man Proposal!

Being a superhero is definitely going to help get a yes, especially when you saved the day! Very cute proposal guy!

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Would You Turn Down This Impossibly Cute Proposal?

How could you say no to this?!



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Video: Cute Lip-Dup Marriage Proposal!

We are all a sucker for a cute proposal and Isaac Lamb’s elaborate special moment for his girlfriend Amy, really makes our day. With the help of 60 people, family and friends, this became the first lip-dup proposal! I love that she is in the car and its like a show, and that she can only see them, cause she has headphones on with the song playing. Plus hearing her excitement and laughing throughout is just adorable!

Cute idea, congrats you two!

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Video: Surprise Marriage Proposal During College Graduation

American University grad Sarah Cooper was walking across the stage when her boyfriend since freshman year and fellow graduate, Sam Miller appeared, got down on his knee and proposed.

The couple had promised their parents that they would not get engaged until they both graduated…how much cuter is the proposal now, eh? Congrats you too! On your graduation and your new life together!

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Well That Is A Cute & Funny Proposal!

I can’t say I have ever seen this…pretty cute!


Photo / Kimb3r-Lee Tumblr