Anne Hathaway's jewelry auctioned offAnne Hathaway as any starlet, is fond of jewelry. Especially the real fancy stuff! So when she met Raffaello Follieri she felt she had found the love of her life. A young good looking fellow with a hell of a taste in fine jewels. Unfortunately it turned out Follieri was not what he seemed, he was a crook, literally swindling millions of dollars out of investors. With the millions he took, he spoiled Hathaway with watches, pearl necklaces and much more. Some include:

One pair of silver earrings with blue and clear stones
One five strand pearl bead necklace about 16 inched in length
Silver and Gold Rolex watches
A gold chain about 32 inches long with a gold pendent, red stone and gold tassel

Once the news broke Hathaway left him and Follieri received four years in jail. The starlet gave back all the snazzy gifts to the government and it will be auctioned off to raise money for the investors who were duped.


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