Anthony Weiner has resigned amid a major sexting scandal, the congressman was sending pictures of his privates and of himself working out to several women for months. The worse part of course, was that his wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant. I find it crazy how shocked people are at the fact that Weiner lied. He is a politician, of course he lied! But at the end of the day, he is a great politician and I am more than a little disappointed that he has jumped ship, but what is done, is done. 

Weiner claims to have left office “for the personal mistakes I have made and for the embarrassment I have caused” to his neighbors, to his constituents, and particularly to my wife. Unfortunately, the distraction that I have created made it impossible to continue working in Congress. “

With the live announcement today, noticeably absent from the podium was his wife. Remember when Elliot Spitzer had his scandal and his wife had to endure watching the man she married talk about having an affair with a prostitute? it is just humiliating. So maybe Weiner’s wife was better off not being there. We have no idea if they are actually still going to try to be together, or if she is contemplating a divorce. Not being there does say a lot…so Weiner will not be out of the dog house for a long time. If is true that she in fact pregnant, then we hope she stands tall and does what she thinks is best for her and the baby.

CNN / Photo / The Hollywood Gossip


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