Kim Kardashian’s wedding date and invitation has been reveled. The reality star is all set to walk down the aisle on August 20th just a few weeks away. Randomly, I am really surprised how secretive she has kept the dress. The nuptials will certainly be a huge affair and it will be seen, of course, on E! TMZ got a hold of the wedding invitations, and they are actually quite elegant. Simple and sweet they request black tie only, this is a Kardashian event after all…

Heather Matarazzo can finally have the dream wedding she has always wanted, thanks to the passing of same sex marriage in New York City. The talented actress who has had small roles in The Devil’s Advocate, The Princess Diaries, and has won the Independent Spirit Award for her work on Welcome to the Dollhouse, has been engaged to her girlfriend Caroline Murphy for three years.

The couple had planned to marry in California when same sex marriage became legal, sadly as we know it has been since overturned, leading Matarazzo and Murphy to cancel their plans. Now the plans are back on! Matarazzo says “I always wanted a wedding. Not a trip to City Hall.” And it is going to be a big wedding considering they both have a lot of family. Matarazzo shares that she wants a simple off-white dress while her partner will be wearing a sexy white pants suit.

The couple is more than ready to have some kids too, we wish these two the best!

CBS / Photo / NY Daily News

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Tacori 2620 Video

Tacori 2620RD Video 2

Tacori 2620rd handview

Tacori 2620rd hand view

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Tacori 18k925 Rose Amethyst & Diamond Ring

1. Tacori 18k925 Rose Amethyst & Diamond Ring – $1250

Structural crescent designs in glossy .925 silver form the contours of this vibrant, blushing Rose Amethyst ring. Blushing 18k rose gold and glittering diamonds frame the cushion-cut shape for a fantasy fusion of subtle sophistication and modern design.


Tacori Blue Barbados Cocktail Ring2.Tacori 18k925 Barbados Blue Cocktail Ring – $1640

Transport yourself with this “Barbados Blue” cocktail ring with cool, sculpted .925 silver details. Transparent quartz layered over neolite Turquoise create a signature piece as cool as the Caribbean with cushion-like plushness in a rich 18k yellow gold diamond crescent frame.


Tacori Green Onyx Ring3.Tacori 18k925 Green Onyx Ring – $1150

High-polished 18k gold crescents frame a luscious, almost glowing Green Onyx ring with a translucent layer of faceted quartz adding luster and shine.


Tacori Rose Amethyst Diamond Ring4. Tacori Rose Amethyst Diamond Ring – $1160

Lavender Rose Amethyst is a feminine smash in this floral beauty from Tacori 18k925. Pink 18k gold and diamond petals surrounding the center stone and .925 silver details decorate the sculptural statement ring.


5. Tacori 18k925 Madiera Citrine & Diamond Ring – $1380

Evocative of a high desert sky, the burnt orange of this Madeira Citrine makes for a Tequila Sunrise cocktail bauble fit to ignite a little heat. Bright diamonds trim the edges in warm 18k yellow gold with striking details along svelte, cool .925 silver sculpted crescent sides.


Tacori Lemon Quartz Cocktail Ring6. Tacori 18k925 Lemon Quartz Cocktail Ring – $850

Woven .925 silver crescents turn up the volume on this bold basket ring, with luscious Lemon Quartz as the focus. Warm 18k gold creates a ruffled-crescent crescendo with glittering prongwork for a pastel composition that will surely delight.

Tacori 18k925 Rutilated Quartz Ring

7. Tacori 18k925 Rutilated Quartz Ring – $1010

With a plush cushion-cut shape, Rutilated Quartz is given depth and dimension over velvety Black Onyx. Rich 18k yellow gold displays the primarily provocative charred color, and crescent-woven sterling silver design elements demand attention from every angle.


Tacori Prasiolite Cocktail Ring8. Tacori 18k925 Prasiolite Cocktail Ring – $820

Pale seafoam Prasiolite is the pretty pastel focus of this distinctive and subtly floral ring with a strong centerstone and bold shape. With slender sculptural and crescent details along its .925 silver frame, the Prasiolite is framed in 18k rose gold.

Tacori 18K925 Neolite Turquoise Ring

9. Tacori 18k925 Neolite Turquoise Ring – $870

Transparent Quartz over Neolite Turquoise makes this strong statement of style an absolute marvel in “Barbados” blue. Layered gemstones create a dazzling, multidimensional look, framed in rich 18k yellow gold with sculptural crescent-woven side details.

Tacori 18k925 Olive Quartz Ring

10. Tacori 18k925 Olive Quartz Ring – $770

A sexy solution for your contemporary-fashion craving: this unique ellipse-shape Olive quartz has a rich brushed, 18k yellow gold frame with modern crescent engraving. Texture and intricate design details make this cocktail ring an evocative, savory star. today announced a new “try before you guy” program coupled with a new custom diamond eternity rings builder.

Presented in a Do-it-Yourself manner, this new interactive tool allows customers the ability to select the diamond size, color, clarity, cut, mounting and finger size. As the customer creates their diamond eternity ring, the corresponding price will be displayed.

The eternity rings builder will calculate the exact number of stones required based on the diamond size, shape, and finger size and provide an exact price. A customer with a size 4 finger will pay less than a customer with a size 8 finger as the eternity ring builder calculates the exact numbers of stones required to build each ring. is also offering a “try before you buy” option, where they will send 1 or 2 CZ versions of the eternity rings in the mail at no charge, which allows customers the opportunity to compare multiple diamond sizes and actually see what the ring will look like prior to purchasing.

Try Before You Buy Diamond Eternity Rings Builder

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