Tacori Pave Diamond Wedding Ring #T 2523
Tacori Pave Diamond Wedding Ring #T 2523

Word on the street is that wearing your big engagement ring is so yesterday. Now many brides are going for simple, understated wedding bands that give off a classic, yet understated feel.
“Why go around with a massive diamond on your hand.” Wedding blogger Claudia Copquin has noted. “There’s no need to make any kind of statement.”

A recent story in the New York Post asked brides how they felt about their ostentatious engagement bling. While many said they were happy to get it, they also noted that the glam might be a little bit too much.

The recession could be to blame for the backlash. After all, not long ago many brides were happy as a clam to flash their huge rocks. But one concerned bride told the New York Post she felt concerned after some of her coworkers comments. “Some said it looked just as blingy as the other recently engaged girl in the office who had been sporting a tacky, over-the-top zirconium as a place holder while her custom rings were being made.”

So you may want to reconsider wearing the huge diamond solitaire engagement rings or three stone rings.  Even Hollywood heavyweights like Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock are choosing their understated wedding bands over the big shiny engagement rings.


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