Black Diamond in ‘Sex and the City 2′

The new Sex and the City sequel certainly features a bevy of daring fashion and jewelry couture. But perhaps the piece that has most fans buzzing is the black diamond ring that longtime romantic interest Big presents her with in the film’s final scene, adding “Because you are not like anyone else.”

Sex and the City

Sought-after designer Itay Malkin created the ring and was selected from a pool of over twenty designers. Two of his rings were actually selected anonymously by writer/director Michael Patrick King and star Sarah Jessica Parker. Malkin later collaborated with Parker and acclaimed designer Patricia Field to design the final ring for the film: a 5-carat black diamond ring set in 18-karat white gold, surrounded by 80 natural colorless diamonds in pave settings.

Of course, this extravagant piece wasn’t the only item featured in the Sex and the City sequel. ┬áThe chick flick extravaganza also featured scads of diamond drop earrings, classic gold jewelry, huge pendants, and fashion-forward necklaces, which included House of Field, Chanel, Dior and Van Cleef designs.

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