Bridal Jewelry Trend – Color

Tacori 18k925 RingBeing a bride means you have the last say in pretty much all aspects. It comes with the territory! So you of course, have last say on what your jewelry will be for the big day. Sometimes bride feel pressure to wear pearls or necklaces that may have been a part of the family. But lately modern brides have rebuffed this idea and are going for a big twist! Color! Necklaces, bracelets and even earrings have been popping up full of vibrant color, sometimes even chunky bold pieces. A real modern feel for a bride.

If you think a chunky necklace may be too bold, how about a colorful yet ethereal bracelet? Tacori’s line: 18K925 has a huge number of pieces that are both classy and have color without being too flashy. This multicolor sterling bracelet is elegant while still being modern and keeping with this current color trend. Another sure winner? This year the color to show off is turquoise. But because it is such a uniquely bright hue, small doses for a wedding day may be best, nothing too matchy.

These gold trimmed turquoise earrings give us just enough of what we are looking for. Color, glam and modern without overwhelming us. Rings are also a huge statement piece, and fall is coming very soon, so a nice fall color ring for an October wedding would be perfect! This cognac colored ring is enchanting. The statement piece will stand out without overpowering even the dandiest dress.

So when your soon to be mother-in-law burdens you with tacky jewelry you will be prepared, because honestly…it is your day, and you should wear whatever bling, modern or traditional you feel like!

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