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The new wife of Mark Zuckerberg may have had a low key wedding, but Priscilla Chan is definitely not wearing a low key engagement ring. By Hollywood standards the ring may not be something that is “enough”, but this is a very easy going couple and I have a feeling this is exactly what Chan invisoned when Zuckerberg proposed.

A simple band holds the ruby in place while two diamonds flank the center stone. I think its a beautiful ring, and it may not have cost a million dollars but, these are not Hollywood celebs, they are not even in the spotlight willingly. The ring is estimated to have cost Zuckerberg $25,000.

People are calling Zuckerberg a cheapskate…but since when is $25,000 dollars cheap? Just because he is a millionaire does not mean he has to run around shoving it down peoples throats, the guy only wears hoodies, what did people expect?

Like I said, its a beautiful ring, I would’t snub it…at all!


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We didn’t even know that Keira Knightley was even seeing someone on such a serious level! Catching us by surprise the actress confirms that she is engaged and has been seeing her fiance, James Righton, from the band The Klaxons, for about a year and a half.

The very in love couple are adorable. They can’t keep their hands of each other and look so genuinely in love, something that is not always the case in Hollywood.

The engagement ring is incredibly classic and simple. I love it. Its a platinum band with a solitare diamond, Us Weekly‘s guesstimate is 2 carats with a $40,000 price tag. Not cheap by any means, but still when it comes to the lavishness of many celebs, this seems beyond tamed. A beautiful ring by any standards.

Congrats to the happy couple! Below some pics of the in love couple who caught us by surprise!




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Vick proposing

The controversial quarterback proposed to Kijafa Frink, the mother of his two children, back in December of 2009. Well now almost three years later he is ready to finally put a wedding ring on it.

The couple partying and a close up of Kijafa's huge ring!

The two do look cute together, and its good to know that he is getting his life back together…even though I simply am not the forgiving type especially when it comes to the mistreatment of animals…



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The beautiful Carmen Electra, whom no matter whom she marries will always be Dennis Rodman‘s wife to me…addresed the rumors that she and her fiance Rob Patterson had called off the wedding and broken up. The claim comes Life & Style mag, and she took it very seriously. A source speaks out to E! News:

“Totally untrue”

Patterson himself took to his twitter to write:

“It’s flattering when someone writes about you, even when it’s untrue. If all that energy was used for positive, earth would be a better place!”

Electra got engaged back in 2008, and shared with E! then how she was not going to rush down the aisle:

Electra's beautiful and unique engagement ring.

“I feel like being engaged feels nice, because it’s a commitment but there’s no paperwork. And, um, I dunno. I feel like we’re happy, so why—I dunno, there’s no reason to push it to the next level when we’re content and we’re happy the way we are.”

Patterson proposed with a super unique and equally as beautiful black diamond engagement ring. Simply one of the most dazzling engagement rings I have seen.


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Looks like fan favorite Meagan Good is officially off the market, the pretty actress was spotted with her current squeeze producer Devon Franklin, casually dressed except for a shiny bauble on her left hand. Good tells Global Grind how she knew Franklin was the one she was going to marry before they even got together:

“I was crying about so much at the time that God told me exactly what it was going to be and he told me that the next relationship that I got into was going to be “the” relationship. God told me specifically what the criteria was with the man I was going to marry and he told me to not settle. So I would meet guys who are Christians or loved the Lord, but they weren’t trying with all their heart to walk with him. And I wouldn’t feel in myself that that was the guy, so even if I liked him or was attracted to him I would say, OK I’m not going to settle.”

“Then shortly after that I became celibate. I said, ‘Alright Lord, let’s see what you have for me. Oddly enough, Devon and I had known each other for six years and [Jumping The Broom] wrapped nine moments before we even dated. During a couple of those months before, it started getting in my spirit that he was going to be my husband and he didn’t even know.”

“I came and did this thing in his church where I talked about my testimony. I already told my godsister in the car on the way over there. Oh, he’s my husband I know that. And we didn’t start dating till three months after that.”

Good for her! And the ring is so beautiful! Check it out:

Can’t wait to see her in her wedding dress, she is very classically pretty and seems to have a nice style. Also cool how candid she was. Congrats kids!


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Halle Berry finally admitted that she was going to be walking down the aisle with Olivier Martinez, and yet the time we spotted the was nothing, then it was, then it wasn’t again. She has come clean, and in the process we got a close up photo of the stunning emerald stone.

The ring has a modern art deco look to it. It is bold but not in an over the top the way, it still maintains a certain amount of daintiness. The emerald is perfectly square and on a thick gold band, it then has two small, what looks to be diamonds, on the sides. I really like it, I have always loved earthy engagement rings. Its a beautiful ring, now lets hope Berry can keep her head  in check long enough to walk down the aisle.



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Well this is pretty big news, at least when we are talking celebrity, right? The couple who proclaimed that they would not get married until every person had the right to marry has gone back on their word…but I guess it makes since considering that they have been sharing with the media how much their children want them to be husband and wife.

Pitt took almost a full year designing the perfect ring for Jolie. I have to say, its not my favorite design ever…from People who spoke to Robert Procop:

“Brad had a specific vision for this ring, which he realized over a year-long collaboration with Robert,” says the jeweler in a statement. “He wanted every aspect of it to be perfect, so Robert was able to locate a diamond of the finest quality and cut it to an exact custom size and shape to suite Angelina’s hand.

Brad was always heavily involved, overseeing every aspect of the creative design evolution,” the statement continues. The side diamonds are specially cut to encircle her finger. Each diamond is of the highest gem quality.”

The price ranges for how much this ring cost is all over the place, some sites are saying a $1 million, some $250,000, I have no clue, but I know it was not something cheap. I am not saying that its wrong, considering they have given so much back as a couple, but if its really that much its…really…just, ugh. You’re travling all around the world trying to help children and you’re going to be wearing, in the least, a $250,000 dollar ring?

Its just random. Congrats though, I really didn’t think they were ever going to walk down the aisle.



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The newly engaged starlet is not wasting any time looking for the perfect dress for her wedding day. After finally showing her engagement ring Jessica Biel was spotted coming out of Elie Saab in Paris, one of the worlds leading designers.

Walking the streets of the beautiful city, she showed off her engagement ring.

Wonder what style wedding dress she will choose…can’t say I am looking forward to it much, she is not really the most stylish person…




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106 Park host Terrence J and model Selita Ebanks have been rumored to be dating for quite a bit. But they put all the rumors last week when they attended a premiere together holding hands.

Every time I think of Ebanks I remember how she was once engaged to Nick Cannon and how stunning her engagement ring was…what’s more…how the engagement ring looks way too similar to the one he got his present wife, Mariah Carey.

I can’t blame Cannon for wanting to save the money he spent on the ring…but I mean…I just don’t know…Mariah’s ring is nothing short of stunning, it is a whopping 17-carats. The ring cost Cannon $2.5 million dollars. He worked on it with Jacob & Co and together they ended with an emerald cut pink diamond, surrounded by 58 intense pink diamond with two half moon diamonds on either sides. But like we can see above…it really does look too much like the one that once belonged to Ebanks…

Also, the only difference between the two rings is the pink halo that surrounds Mariah’s ring…something that can easily be added on…


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Lovebirds and too cool for school kids Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell have been together a couple of months, so it would be odd if they got married…but they did date for a year a while back. This is their second time together and it looks like its official.

The couple met on the set of a Green Day video and seemed to really hit it off. They broke up later on and Wood went on to date Marilyn Manson. Glad that phase is over.

In January Wood was spotted with an engagement ring, but now Jamie Bell has been spotted with a classic gold band on his ring finger…I think these two kids got marriiiiied. Check the evidence below:



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