Tacori has always had beautiful engagement rings, but they also released another jewelry line that is just as stunning. Elizabeth Banks, is one of my favorite actresses, she has been getting more and more popular as of late, and has really held her own. But to me she will always be the funny and sexy girl Seth Rogen had a crush on in The 40 Year Old Virgin.

You couple a pretty actress with a pretty piece of jewelry and its gold! In the new issue of Lucky, Banks wears a beautiful Tacori necklace from their 18k925 line.

You can find a lot of necklaces from Tacori’s 18k925 line here at Since1910, take a gander. All in all, Banks really is gorgeous, what an awesome life to be able to wear stunning jewelry as part of your day job not to mention share the screen with hottie Sam Worthington.

Photo / Tacori

Shopping on the Internet can be difficult, you are putting your hard earned money faithfully into something that you hope looks identical to what you see on your screen. Although you can return the item and get your money back you lose out on shipping fees, and more than anything that excitement of getting a package, ripping it open…and… to be disappointed just sucks.

Taking that into account and the importance of an engagement ring and shopping online for something so special gets even more difficult, but Since 1910 has made it easier for all the shoppers out there. As you can see from the photo below, you can now print out the Tacori ring you are looking into actually try it on! See how it would look and fit. Pretty cool right? All you have to do is the three simple steps and you are ready to go!

You can check out our stunning Tacori engagement rings here, and Tacori Try It On here!



Carey Mulligan is one of those actresses that you know will be remembered years from now. The woman can act, that’s for sure, in Never Let Me Go she helped me cry my eyes out for about two nights straight. Ugh, that movie…it just gets you, a must see! But anyway, the point is the young actress has Hollywood at its feet. I also recently saw her in Shame, and again, even with the amazing talent Michael Fassbender is she still held her own and then some. 

So anytime she is on the cover of a mag I pick it up or look it up online, and when I came across the  spread of the brilliant star for W magazine, I noticed that the earrings she was wearing were really something…upon closer inspection…I realized they were Tacori!  Soon enough Tacori’s news blog picked it up and we got a closer look at some pretty awesome earrings.

Two of my favorite things mixed together, a movie star I actually appreciate and a quality brand I admire that has made some shiny pretty earrings… 

Photos / Tacori