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Diamonds are beautiful there is not doubt about it, and they symbolize so much, especially when its in the form of a ring. But by the time you get that stunning engagement ring, the diamond has been through a crazy extensive process!

I happen to really love the earthy look for jewelry and I am partial to stones, especially turquoise and lapis, but there is a real beauty about a raw diamond ring…

But a shiny shimmery ring…is never a bad thing either!

Check out this one below, I love how dainty it looks. Its a very different look and you have to be into it, but I think it can be quite stunning.




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You lose your engagement ring…you…panic. There is really no other way to describe it, you are talking about something that costs money, and that represents so much. Jill Fink took off her ring to put some lotion on her daughter while in the park. She realized a couple of days later that she had left the ring there…luckily another mom, Michelle LaPlante, found the ring and went out of her way to get it back to the rightful owner. Check out the interview with the ladies below:

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I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie, we all already know that, let alone a fan of the movie that brought two cheaters together, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but I will admit when I see a cute and sexy wedding invitation, and this is one.

A reddit user shares that the invitation below is her aunt and uncle’s (I am guessing in spirit since they have yet to wed?) wedding invite. Fun!



Ugg boots are supposed to be one of the most comfortable shoes on the planet. I can see that…they are! And when its your wedding day you want to be comfortable and calm. Most weddings are very stressful, especially big ones. So although the idea of Uggs for a wedding may not be ideal…I do think it makes sense if you are going to be running around, and or traveling. At least you will be comfortable and your feet will still be celebrating.

Many women wear jump suits on the day of the wedding for the time they are setting up and getting pampered. I don’t see why having a pair of boots that are especially colored for such an occaison is such a bad thing.

Now…I don’t know about walking down the aisle in them…but I doubt thats really what they are meant for.



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Reddit user Laporkenstein wanted a wedding ring that was out of this world, so to speak. He bought a chunk of Gibeon meteroite and got to work, he documented the whole event. I must say not only is this an awesome idea, but I would love the idea that something that was once in space is being worn on my finger forever. Talk about amazing.

I now know what I want my wedding ring to be made from! This is too cool. Check out the process below:

These are the top 10, but there are actually close to 50 photos of the process on his page, you can check them out here.

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American University grad Sarah Cooper was walking across the stage when her boyfriend since freshman year and fellow graduate, Sam Miller appeared, got down on his knee and proposed.

The couple had promised their parents that they would not get engaged until they both graduated…how much cuter is the proposal now, eh? Congrats you too! On your graduation and your new life together!

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You are a wedding, the food is good the family looks happy and then a fight breaks out…and because family sticks together…and its two large families in the same room…a brawl breaks out. From the Boston Herald who spoke to the mother of the groom:

“They’re in love. They’re doing everything in their power to make it work,” busted mom Darlene DeIorio, 45, told the Herald last night though tears. “I’m going to be there for them no matter what. My heart is so broken. I’m sad for them.”

The Saturday night nuptials between Anthony DeIorio-Weiner and Nancy Guido at the Danversport Yacht Club ballroom — which featured more than 250 guests — erupted into mayhem after the groom’s two younger brothers were denied booze at the bar, according to a police report.

Younger? So, was this guy upset because his underage brother could not have liquor? Cause…that’s what I got from that and that means that the bartender was obeying the law.

This service slight somehow incensed DeIorio-Weiner, 25, who punched a wall and began tearing apart the coatroom after someone from the bride’s side of the family told him to calm down.

When the bride’s brother approached DeIorio-Weiner, the groom punched him and the pair were soon tussling on the floor, police say.

Danvers cops showed up and found a surreal scene: Wedding guests yelling, screaming and rolling around on the ground in a pig pile. At one point, police said, the groom’s mother, Darlene, attacked the bride’s mom.

Really? Mom? What kind of example is this? I wonder where your son learned to control his temper.

The two were separated and Darlene was escorted outside — only to return to the scene of the marital mayhem. This time, police said, she threw a chair across the room and began punching another woman.

Darlene’s version of the story is a bit different. It was all about disrespect, she said. According to her, the whole kerfuffle began when the bride’s mother began yelling at Darlene’s 70-year-old mother and waving her finger in her face.

Darlene insists she was only defending her mom and her family’s good name. How could that be assault? As the fighting escalated, Darlene claims she went to leave but was insulted by her ex-boyfriend’s galpal, who told her she was no lady.

Why is her ex-boyfriend or his  “galpal” at this wedding??

Police again intervened, and after Darlene put up some stiff resistance, she was led away in cuffs.

On the way to the station, police said, Darlene turned her wrath on them and said some pretty hurtful things about one of the officer’s mothers.

“I could have done things differently or better,” said a repentant Darlene, who pleaded not guilty to disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in court Monday. “There should have been many arrested. The incident was unfair. It’s an embarrassment to the bride and groom.”

“It’s an embarrassment to the bride and groom.”  Understatement of the year.  Unreal. The couple apparently continued to their honeymoon and are trying to work it out. I would be more alarmed that not only did I just marry into this insane family, but clearly my new husband has no problem getting violent over pretty much nothing.


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