Hmm… is it possible?! No. You know why? Cause a person will cheat regardless. A ring is not going to make your partner faithful, he or she will be faithful on their own accord.

What a great way to start off a marriage “here wear this ring because even though I just married you, I don’t trust you.” Sigh.

The ring leaves an imprint that says ” I’m Married.” It reminds me of this ring but…this one is much more romantic eh?


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An eternity ring is often given as the wedding band, with it raising in popularity the last couple of years. A perfect compliment to an engagement ring, it will stand out on its own. Celebrities have been seen with eternity rings for a long time, you have Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Minnillo, Jennifer Garner and Jada Pinkett, just to name a few. They also have the luxury of being exposed to the finest, which includes the option of a custom made design. But, what if you are not a celebrity, and you want to have the chance to personalize something that is so unbelievably beautiful and that represents so much?

Well, lucky for us, our own has answered our wishes. The leading carrier of various high-end brands, such as Tacori and Scott Kay in the nation made this happen: Create Your Own Eternity Ring. Something that has never been done before, they are the first in the industry to give you the option of choosing your exact specifications, while only paying for the exact number of diamonds required to build your unique eternity ring.

Everything is up to you to customize, you can choose your diamond shape, size, color, setting and of course, finger size, while still only paying for the exact number of diamonds needed to make your ring, your way. Giving you all the power to make a truly exclusive ring for yourself, or your loved one. The all around user friendly website stays right on track while you click, change options and perfect your custom made eternity ring.  You can even view an HD video of each eternity ring in every shape and every size.  It’s unbelievable!


A ring can mean so much when it comes to love. It is the ultimate, and one of oldest symbols of your commitment to another person. An engagement ring, a wedding band and of course, an eternity ring are the most popular.  We all know what an engagement ring means, with a center diamond it symbolizes the commitment you are ready to make to that person. The wedding band, something for both partners that symbolize your union. But, what about an eternity ring? What sets an eternity ring apart?

An eternity ring means just that, eternal love. Most engagement rings are set with a center diamond because diamonds are one of the toughest minerals on Earth, if not the toughest. It is virtually unbreakable, which makes it perfect for an engagement ring. A promise, a promise of love and commitment that will not be destroyed. Now imagine what an eternity ring symbolizes, when the ring itself, is a band of diamonds.


I love that this is something that can finally be done, not only for the chance to have something so valuable be completely designed by me or someone I love, but the fact that it is still affordable.

Try out the Custom Eternity Ring Builder at and see for yourself how you can create a personalized, custom eternity ring for the love of your life! today announced a new “try before you guy” program coupled with a new custom diamond eternity rings builder.

Presented in a Do-it-Yourself manner, this new interactive tool allows customers the ability to select the diamond size, color, clarity, cut, mounting and finger size. As the customer creates their diamond eternity ring, the corresponding price will be displayed.

The eternity rings builder will calculate the exact number of stones required based on the diamond size, shape, and finger size and provide an exact price. A customer with a size 4 finger will pay less than a customer with a size 8 finger as the eternity ring builder calculates the exact numbers of stones required to build each ring. is also offering a “try before you buy” option, where they will send 1 or 2 CZ versions of the eternity rings in the mail at no charge, which allows customers the opportunity to compare multiple diamond sizes and actually see what the ring will look like prior to purchasing.

Try Before You Buy Diamond Eternity Rings Builder

Fall tones are all about orange and yellow. November, being the month right before the green and red themed month of December, is always the month we see orange diamonds and earth tones being displayed. The leaves are changing, and who does not want a stunning diamond to help celebrate the upcoming season?

An orange diamond is very hard to come by, let alone hard to purchase. Just recently a miner in South Africa discovered an exceptionally rare orange stone. The 7.53-carat diamond is to be sold in Johannesburg this month.

With the find we were reminded of the most vivid and dazzling orange diamond ever, the Pumpkin Diamond. A fancy vivid orange, over 5 carats, cut and polished by William Goldberg, who then it to Harry Winston for $1.3 million dollars.

Halle Berry wore the famed orange diamond for the Academy Awards in 2002. It is currently the words largest and most vivid diamond of this rare color. After the rough stone discovered last month, we shall have to wait and see if Halle Berry is still the grand winner when it comes to that honor.

Wallis Simpson’s Beautiful Jewels Wallis Simpson, one half of one of the most romantic real life stories ever, had a stunning collection of jewels. Right before they are to be sold forever we can catch a glimpse of the stones and more, of the woman who stole a future king’s heart. So much so, he gave up the crown.

The twice divorced American woman was not the ideal choice for the British royal family’s taste, and refused the right for her and Princess Edward VIII to wed. His speech is one of the most memorable moments in history, stating: “I have found it impossible … to discharge my duties as king as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love.” Can you really get anymore romantic than that?

On display will be, bracelet and other gems, including this intricately designed onyx and diamond bracelet in the shape of a panther, from 1952. The twenty pieces are expected to go for $4.7 million dollars when they are sold November 30th.

The international tour will touch on Hong Kong, Moscow, New York and Geneva.

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Custom Diamond Eternity launched the newest edition to our website today. A custom diamond eternity rings builder that allows you to select the diamond shape, size, color and clarity, setting style and finger to size to create a completely custom and unique diamond eternity ring.

Choose a diamond shape, (round, emerald, radiant, princess or asscher), and then select the individual diamond size for each stone. Once you’ve selected the diamond shape and diamond size, you can select the color and clarity of the diamonds as well as the style of the ring.

As you make selections from the builder, photos of your exact ring will show up to the left of the builder

Custom Diamond Eternity Rings Builder

After selecting the style, select your finger size from the drop down. The finger size of the eternity ring will determine the specific price of the ring because the number of diamonds required to make the ring is directly correlated to the finger size. A finger size of 4 will require less diamonds than a finger size of 7.’s custom eternity rings builder is the first of its’ kind and a truly unique and fun way to builder your own custom eternity ring.  We are proud to launch this eternity rings builder as our customers will only pay for the exact number of stones required to build their special ring.

Check out the live eternity rings builder and build your own diamond eternity ring >

We’d love to get your feedback on the eternity rings builder, so don’t forget to post your comments here!

Katherine Heigl Pear Shaped Engagement RingEngagement rings come in many styles and shapes. One of my favorite is cushion cut, so classic and yet not perfectly round, and of course not perfectly square. But one shape that has come up recently is pear shaped engagement rings.

The pear shaped engagement ring is different, and it can look quite elegant while still being unique. Many stars have taken to this look and it has had a sudden resurgence.  A notable one as of late, is Katherine Heigl’s, a large 3-carat diamond surrounded by a pave. On a sentimental note, the ring incorporates her mothers engagement ring.

One of the first stars to help the pear shaped comeback was Jessica Simpson. When Nick Lachey presented her with her engagement ring, it was not something that was “in style” but soon was being copied throughout the jewelry world. Simpson’s ring consisted of a 4-carat diamond accompanied with two smaller ones on either side.

Anna Kournikova engagement ringMost recently another star jumped on the bandwagon, Anna Kournikova, and boy did she jump– in a big big way.  The star is currently engaged to Enrique Iglesias, together they chose the whopping 11-carat pink diamond with smaller diamonds on the sides, the ringer supposedly cost upwards of two million.

So, with this new resurgence we are shown that there are even more ways to make your ring special, that with so many options, surely one, when the time is right, will catch your fancy.

Anne Hathaway's jewelry auctioned offAnne Hathaway as any starlet, is fond of jewelry. Especially the real fancy stuff! So when she met Raffaello Follieri she felt she had found the love of her life. A young good looking fellow with a hell of a taste in fine jewels. Unfortunately it turned out Follieri was not what he seemed, he was a crook, literally swindling millions of dollars out of investors. With the millions he took, he spoiled Hathaway with watches, pearl necklaces and much more. Some include:

One pair of silver earrings with blue and clear stones
One five strand pearl bead necklace about 16 inched in length
Silver and Gold Rolex watches
A gold chain about 32 inches long with a gold pendent, red stone and gold tassel

Once the news broke Hathaway left him and Follieri received four years in jail. The starlet gave back all the snazzy gifts to the government and it will be auctioned off to raise money for the investors who were duped.

Tacori 18k925 RingBeing a bride means you have the last say in pretty much all aspects. It comes with the territory! So you of course, have last say on what your jewelry will be for the big day. Sometimes bride feel pressure to wear pearls or necklaces that may have been a part of the family. But lately modern brides have rebuffed this idea and are going for a big twist! Color! Necklaces, bracelets and even earrings have been popping up full of vibrant color, sometimes even chunky bold pieces. A real modern feel for a bride.

If you think a chunky necklace may be too bold, how about a colorful yet ethereal bracelet? Tacori’s line: 18K925 has a huge number of pieces that are both classy and have color without being too flashy. This multicolor sterling bracelet is elegant while still being modern and keeping with this current color trend. Another sure winner? This year the color to show off is turquoise. But because it is such a uniquely bright hue, small doses for a wedding day may be best, nothing too matchy.

These gold trimmed turquoise earrings give us just enough of what we are looking for. Color, glam and modern without overwhelming us. Rings are also a huge statement piece, and fall is coming very soon, so a nice fall color ring for an October wedding would be perfect! This cognac colored ring is enchanting. The statement piece will stand out without overpowering even the dandiest dress.

So when your soon to be mother-in-law burdens you with tacky jewelry you will be prepared, because honestly…it is your day, and you should wear whatever bling, modern or traditional you feel like!