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Katherine Heigl Pear Shaped Engagement RingEngagement rings come in many styles and shapes. One of my favorite is cushion cut, so classic and yet not perfectly round, and of course not perfectly square. But one shape that has come up recently is pear shaped engagement rings.

The pear shaped engagement ring is different, and it can look quite elegant while still being unique. Many stars have taken to this look and it has had a sudden resurgence.  A notable one as of late, is Katherine Heigl’s, a large 3-carat diamond surrounded by a pave. On a sentimental note, the ring incorporates her mothers engagement ring.

One of the first stars to help the pear shaped comeback was Jessica Simpson. When Nick Lachey presented her with her engagement ring, it was not something that was “in style” but soon was being copied throughout the jewelry world. Simpson’s ring consisted of a 4-carat diamond accompanied with two smaller ones on either side.

Anna Kournikova engagement ringMost recently another star jumped on the bandwagon, Anna Kournikova, and boy did she jump– in a big big way.  The star is currently engaged to Enrique Iglesias, together they chose the whopping 11-carat pink diamond with smaller diamonds on the sides, the ringer supposedly cost upwards of two million.

So, with this new resurgence we are shown that there are even more ways to make your ring special, that with so many options, surely one, when the time is right, will catch your fancy.

One of the most forgotten aspects of a proposal is the box it comes in. We all want our loved one to feel special, hence the perfect engagement ring. But what if we can add a little more, without spending too much? We can! How about a unique engagement ring box? This artist went the Pixar route, he crafted a replica of the house from Up! It is not only adorable but perfect! Check these pictures! Even if Disney is not your cup of tea, the idea is still novel.

Maybe you’re planning to propose this season and are looking for some ideas to help you choose the right ring for your bride-to-be. Take a look at these celebrity engagement ring stone selections and variety of diamonds cuts to give you more than a few ideas.

Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump. Made by her own jewelry company, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, Trump’s engagement ring is not too subtle and not too flashy—a five carat stone that is cushion cut with pave settings and coming in at a cost of $150,000.
Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen Elisabeth Moss. This “Mad Men” star showcases a romantic and contemporary ring that is a four-carat round cut and weighs in at $120,000. Solaitaire rings like this one have a chic and understated feel.
Bethenny Frankel Bethenny Frankel. Friends of this “Real Housewives of New York” star say this ring reflects her personality and “steals the show just like her”. The engagement ring is a Kristin Farrell pear-cut diamond that comes in at eight carats and had an estimated cost of $65,000.
Zooey Deschanel Zooey Deschanel. This classic diamond ring fits this indie’s star style perfectly. The cut is an unusual and not-often used Asscher cut with a three-carat stone and pave setting at an estimated cost of $40,000.
Emily Blunt Emily Blunt. This chic and simple British star from “The Devil Wears Prada” found a unique Edwardian cut three-carat diamond ring that emits classic elegance and opulence. Designed by famed jeweler Neil Lane, the ring has an estimated cost of $80,000.

Tacori Pave Diamond Wedding Ring #T 2523
Tacori Pave Diamond Wedding Ring #T 2523

Word on the street is that wearing your big engagement ring is so yesterday. Now many brides are going for simple, understated wedding bands that give off a classic, yet understated feel.
“Why go around with a massive diamond on your hand.” Wedding blogger Claudia Copquin has noted. “There’s no need to make any kind of statement.”

A recent story in the New York Post asked brides how they felt about their ostentatious engagement bling. While many said they were happy to get it, they also noted that the glam might be a little bit too much.

The recession could be to blame for the backlash. After all, not long ago many brides were happy as a clam to flash their huge rocks. But one concerned bride told the New York Post she felt concerned after some of her coworkers comments. “Some said it looked just as blingy as the other recently engaged girl in the office who had been sporting a tacky, over-the-top zirconium as a place holder while her custom rings were being made.”

So you may want to reconsider wearing the huge diamond solitaire engagement rings or three stone rings.  Even Hollywood heavyweights like Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock are choosing their understated wedding bands over the big shiny engagement rings.

Unfortunately, not all engagements get to the point of walking down the aisle. Case in point: 42 year-old Roger Adler recently proposed to Rena Hope Friedman, 41, and she warmly accepted. Friedman was even more delighted when Adler slipped a $58,000 diamond and platinum engagement ring on her finger. Some engagement rings are just as good and much cheaper, but Adler wanted to get the seductive Friedman the very best! But when the engagement ended only 12 days later, Friedman refused to return the engagement ring.

Expensive Engagement Ring

It doesn’t seem to be the first time this has happened. Friedman is suing Adler in court, claiming she “was previously engaged to another male…the engagement ended under similar circumstances…[and she] failed to return the engagement ring in the previous matter.”, according to court documents.

The pair met at a Hampton’s Labor Day Party, where they were introduced by their mothers. It didn’t take long for them to reach the proposal stage: six weeks later Adler was already on one knee. “She kept rushing me and rushing me.” Adler says of the experience.

Claiming that the lies kept piling up, Adler notes how Friedman began making expensive demands, including buying a new BMW and booking first-class tickets to Australia for their honeymoon.

Adler became disgruntled and called off the engagement after Friedman insisted that his parents not attend the wedding. “They’ve seen two already. They’ve had their share.”

Now Adler is accusing Friedman of fraud—alleging that she planned to keep the ring all along, even after she dumped him.

Johnny Depp’s longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, recently declared how she wouldn’t want to change anything about the star and notable winner of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive.  The star, who is ready to once again venture into the land of the weird in longtime-collaborator Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, is often noted for his offbeat sense of style and cool.

johnny depp

“I love his style, yeah, yeah, yeah!”  Paradis recently gushed in an interview which recently honored her as the new face for Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick.  “I love him, and I don’t have to say I like this and I don’t like that.  When you love somebody, you take them as they are.  I would not change him.”

Paradis, 37, has been dating Depp since 1998.  In 2008 reports surfaced that Depp had bought Paradis an engagement ring and that they were to get married.  Depp diffused those reports by saying, “I don’t feel like I need a piece of paper that says I own her and she owns me.”   Paradis shared the same sentiment by declaring that she already feels married.  Depp apparently had been looking through classic solitaire engagement rings in platinum settings at the high-end California jeweler.

So maybe you’ve been wondering how to narrow down the tremendous amount of engagement rings available. You’re getting ready to take her out to a five-star restaurant, get down on one knee and ask her to marry you….but you can’t decide on which ring to pick out. Check out what celebrities of the past and present have worn as their engagement rings. You might get some good ideas!

Elizabeth Taylor diamonds Elizabeth Taylor wore a lavish 30-carat emerald cut diamond, given to her by her third husband, Michael Todd.
Donald Trump and Melania Knauss Donald Trump presented his bride with a huge 12-carat emerald-cut engagement ring that cost $1 million.
Paris Hilton Paris Hilton was briefly engaged and reportedly wore a 24-carat emerald cut diamond ring.
Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio eloped, as some may recall. He presented her with a platinum eternity band set with thirty-six small baguette diamonds.
Jessica Simspon and Tony Romo Jessica Simpson was briefly engaged and wore a 4-carat engagement ring that featured an unusual pear-shaped diamond with two side stones.
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Tom Cruise presented Katie Holmes with a 5-carat ring with a classic oval-shaped diamond in a pave setting.
Madonna and Guy Ritchie Madonna’s ring from Guy Richie was reportedly a 5-carat total weight ring with a three-stone design in a bezel setting.


In honor of ‘s 100 year anniversary, we’ve put together a list of the top 100 proposal ideas.  Have a better idea?  Have you done better yourself?  Submit your engagement ideas at the bottom of this list.

1. Put an an ad on a billboard with the best picture of you together.

Proposing in Paris2. Go to Paris, take her for a ride down the Seine and present her with a engagement ring on top of an elegant French chocolate truffle.
3. Put an engagement ad in the projections before the trailers start at your local movie theater and watch her accept!
4. Buy her roses. Inside one of the roses, fix an elegant diamond ring with a special note!
5. Tell her you are going to go out and buy her cupcakes. When you get back, give her a cupcake with an engagement ring placed on top.
6. Call a local singing troupe to come to your door and ring the doorbell. When she answers the door, have the local singing troupe sing your proposal.
7. Rent an airplane that can write “Will you marry me?” in a specific time and a specific place. Make sure you choose a day where there’ll be clear skies.  Watch someone else do it!
8. Take her to a fancy restaurant. For desert, have the waiter bring her a special plate with a cover on it. Underneath the cover is the diamond engagement ring.
9. Check out this “will you marry me?” puzzle.  Buy this puzzle, put it in a different box and ask her to help you with it on a rainy sunday.  Once you solve the puzzle, get down on one knee and propose.  View the puzzle here
10. If you have a friend who is a police officer, have him stop her for speeding. This will be tricky. When he stops her, you come out of the car and propose to her.
11. Place an ad in your local newspaper.
12. Call your local radio station and have the DJ announce your proposal between songs.
13. Make a top ten list of reasons why you’d want to marry her. Read them in front of a crowd at a stadium or in a theater to make her feel extra-special.
14. Propose to her on the David Letterman show! Contact the producers!
15. Talk to a sidewalk chalk artist and tell him to draw a proposal scene out for you with little bubbles that read “Will you marry me?” Arrange to pass the sidewalk proposal during a romantic stroll.
16. Ask her to marry you at the top of a ferris wheel!
17. Arrange to have an amusement park pop the question over their loudspeakers. Check here for a list of the best amusement parks!


18. Go to Disney World. Arrange to pop the question during one of their many daily parades. Arrange to have one of the floats feature the question as it passes by.

Look at all the Romantic plans Disney World has to offer for couples! Maybe they can help you out with your proposal.

19.Plan a trip to Hawaii. When she gets off the plane, have a few luau girls waiting with a sign saying “Will you marry me?”, some leis and some nice champagne.Here’s a helpful guide for a romantic Hawaii vacation!

20. Make plans to go to the scenic countryside for a weekend picnic. When you get to the cabin, invite her out back where there will already be a picnic blanket waiting with cake and champagne. Have your friends set this out just before you arrive. Inside the picnic basket, have the engagement ring ready.
21. Go snorkeling in Key West. Arrange everything beforehand through a snorkeling service. Lead her to a small coral grotto. Firmly plant the the ring in a watertight see-through case, where she will find it there. When she finds it, have a sign ready that says “Will you marry me?”

Check here for some of the most romantic getaways in Key West & Florida!

22. Take her to the place you first met. When you get there, get on your knees to propose. She’ll be happy you remembered.


23. Take her laptop and arrange to post a picture of you on her desktop holding a sign with the phrase “Will you marry me?” Lead a trail of roses to her laptop.
24. Text message her to meet you in a secret location. Propose to her there.
25. Create a web page with your proposal on it. Leave her a clue with a link to the web page. After she has accepted your proposal (and she will!), she can send friends and family links to the website.
26. Make a short movie where you show your girl how much you love her. End the movie with the proposal. Arrange a romantic movie night and when the time is right, slip your proposal movie in.
27. Give her a mix CD with the proposal on it. Fill it with all her favorite romantic songs.

Here are some Romantic Song Tips to include on your mix!
28. As she gets home, arrange to have all the screens in the house read “Will You Marry Me?”
29.Upload a podcast for her featuring your proposal.

Here are some tips on creating a killer podcast!

30. Rent your favorite movie from the video store. When you put the movie into the DVD player, switch it with a DVD.

Need some help finding romantic movies at the video store? Check here for 20 of the Most Romantic Movies!


Photo Source: William J Sisti

31.Surprise her with an engagement ring inside a box of truffles!

Don’t settle for the rest…get the best!  Find the top gourmet chocolate makers here!

32. Freeze the ring inside an ice cube. Make your favorite on-the-rocks drink and surprise her when she finds a ring inside the ice cube.
33. Serve some very expensive oysters before an elegant night out. Place the ring inside one of the oyster shells. Make sure to serve it with a variety of aphrodisiacs.

Here is a list of aphrodisiacs to get you started…
34. Make her breakfast in bed and deliver the breakfast tray with the ring placed in the center.
You’ll need some creative breakfast in bed ideas–here they are!

35. Go out for Chinese food. Arrange to have a personal fortune cookie delivered with the proposal inside. To be sure she gets the right cookie, place a proposal in both cookies!
36. Affix the proposal note to the orange juice in the fridge. When she gets ready for breakfast, surprise her with a ring.
37. Place the ring on a desert tray at a restaurant. Make sure when the waiter explains the deserts, that he is sure to explain the ring in front of her!


Photo Source: Ezra Wolfe

38.Surprise her with a ring under the Christmas tree.
39. Arrange to have a group of carolers stop by and sing out the proposal to her. Have them come up with a fun variation on a classic Christmas song!

Or if you want to–spice up a contemporary Christmas song…Here are some of the favorites!
40. For Easter proposals, hide the ring inside a very special Easter egg.
41. On Christmas morning surprise her with a much smaller Christmas tree with only one ornament attached—a diamond ring.

Check out some cool ideas for proposing to her around Christmas time!
42. On Halloween, surprise her with a freshly-carved pumpkin that reads “Marry Me” and holds a ring inside.
43. On Easter you can lead her on a very special Easter egg hunt. Hide four eggs very carefully. Inside each of the eggs, hide the words “Will”, “You”, “Marry”, “Me?” Make sure that “Marry” is the hardest to find and when she does find it, present her with the ring.


Photo Source: Sister72

44. Go for a hot, smooth sail and propose under the warm sun of the ocean.Where are some of the most romantic spots to sail and vacation?  Why not check out these ideas?

45. Have a professional sand castle builder, build an elaborate sand castle for you and have the ring waiting inside. When you pass the sand castle on the beach, tell her to look inside, where she should find the ring. Next, pop the question!

Looking for some ideas to suggest to your sand castle builder?  Check here! The look of the castle is very important, man!

46. Go to your local fireworks show and have the announcer pop the question before the fireworks start. It will be the best 4th of July ever!
47. Announce your proposal in front of all your family and friends at a hot family barbecue.
48. Invite her to a private pool filled with large water lilies. Have one water lily colored pink with a small box firmly attached. Ask her to check that box—she’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the ring inside!
49. Ask her to go for a romantic stroll on the beach with you. On the beach, make sure you pass by a conspicuous green bottle that you’ve placed carefully in the sand. Have her find your proposal note inside and from there, present her with the ring. Make sure it’s a semi-private beach.
Check out these romantic beach movies…they could give you ideas!

50. Have your beloved pass by a section of the beach where you’ve spelled out the big question in sea shells.


Photo Source: Liz West

51. Go to a fifties-style restaurant that serves as burgers, milkshakes and has fifties-style themed cover bands. Arrange for one of the bands to play her favorite fifties theme songs and then cue for you to propose to her from the stage.

Why not check out these classic Fifties love song for ideas?
52. Have one of your friends throw a costume party. Both of you will go there dressed as a famous Hollywood couple, such as Sonny and Cher, Brad and Angelina or someone else. Propose to her at midnight, with everybody ready for the big announcement!
Here are some costumes to order!
53. Invite your friends over for a wacky party where a magician will be featured. Arrange for the magician to do the standard rabbit-out-of-the-hat trick, but instead of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, have him pull out a diamond ring. Then propose to her! She’ll never forget that magic trick!
54. Have a party where iconic impersonators will be performing, such as Elvis, Madonna and Marilyn Monroe will be performing their hit songs. When it comes time for Marilyn to perform, haver her perform “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” and present the engagement ring at the end of the song.

Check out Marilyn singing the song herself!

55. Get her favorite celebrity tabloid such as US Weekly or Star and then manipulate one of the articles about a celebrity engagement to feature pictures of you proposing to her. Ask an artist friend who does photo montage to help you!


Photo Source: Daniel R. Blume

56. Hire a plane or blimp to fly around the city with a banner that says her name and asks her to marry you.

Or check out this daring option where a man jumped out of a plane holding a “will You Marry Me?” banner!  Be bold!
57. If you really have a deep pocketbook, make plans to go on one of Virgin’s space flight, which includes four minutes of weightlessness. While you’re weightless, don’t forget to propose!

Check out the Virgin Galactic option here! Better take out your credit cards!

58. Hire a luxury jet to fly you to a romantic getaway. Once you’re in the air, open a bottle of champagne and get on your knees to pop the question.
59. On a commercial airliner, have the stewardess announce the engagement over the intercom. If you’re lucky, get the pilot to chime in to wish you a good marriage. She’ll never forget that flight!
60. Arrange a helicopter flight over a scenic mountainside area. Have the pilot fly over an area where you have spelled out “Will you marry me?” with white bricks.

Here are some helicopter options around beautiful Denver!


Photo Source: Aunt Owwee

61.Get to the mailbox before her to slip in an extra-special package…your engagement ring and proposal!
62. Have Fed Ex deliver fifty balloons. Have only one of the balloons be red, with the rest of them, white. Her attention will be drawn to the red balloon and ask her if she notices something inside. Inside, have a teddy bear holding a card that reads “Will you marry me?” Then surprise her with an engagement ring!

Here’s a balloon delivery service that might be able to help you out!
63. Have someone make a special delivery of a puppy in a small box. Attach the engagement ring to the puppy’s neck. Then pop the question!
64. Order your favorite pizza and have the pizza delivery man (a friend) stop by. Instead of a pizza inside the box, have an engagement ring!
65. Arrange to have a friend’s kid stop by, selling candy bars for a church program. Have him go through his whole spiel about candy bars, then have him present her with a “very special candy bar”. She’ll see it’s not a candy bar, but a ring!
66. Arrange to have four specially wrapped boxes of different sizes shipped to her on the same day, arriving on her doorstep. Inside each box will be a word: “Will”, “You”, “Marry”, “Me?”
67. Arrange for her to meet you at your favorite bar. Tell her you’ll pay for her cab. She’ll be very surprised when a limo driver shows up with you inside. When she gets inside, pop the question!

Check out the limo options!

68. This one is for the well-connected: Arrange for a celebrity to show up to her door and announce your proposal.
69. Have a small TV crew show up to her door. She’ll think she won something like Publisher’s Clearing House. Then have the show host pop the question for you!


70.Go to the bowling alley and after she knock down the first set of pins, have a banner drop that reads “Will You Marry Me?”
71. If you are both hunters, go to your favorite part of the woods. As you’re out there she’ll notice something fluorescent in the distance. Once you get closer to it, she’ll see a banner that reads “Will You Marry Me?” If it’s summer, have a bottle of champagne and two glasses already set out.

Get your own customized “Will You Marry Me?” banner here!
72. If you both like to go fishing, go out on your favorite lake. Row past a special area where you’ll have already set up a noticeable banner that reads “Will You Marry Me?” Make sure she sees it!
73. Take her to a scenic small town where you can see yourselves spending your later years together. As the sun sets, get on your knees and tell her this is where you’d like to spend your life with her.

Find some travel tips for some romantic small town getaways here!
74. Let her know you want to make a time capsule with her. As you’re deciding what to put in it, tell her you want to put in a picture of the moment you got engaged. Have a camera ready!


75. Play a game of Monopoly. Have one of the cards that she draws read “Will you Marry Me?” She’ll never forget that game!
76. Play a game of Wheel of Fortune. Have the full text read “Will You Marry Me?”

Buy the Wheel of Fortune Game here!
77. Play Hangman and have the phrase read “Will You Marry Me?”
78. If it’s winter and there’s snow, make a snowman. As a final touch, have the snowman holding a little box. When she asks what it is, tell her to look inside. She’ll be surprised to see an engagement ring!

Check out these cool snowman ideas!
79. Ask her to go out for a round of golf. On the 18th hole, have a diamond ring waiting for her. Make sure you have a friend place the ring right before so it ends up in the right hands!
80. Go out to play a game of catch…at one point replace the ball with a small case holding an engagement ring!
81. Propose to her in the middle of a public skating rink.

Get her some skates first!
82. Take her out to a ball game. At one point in the game, arrange to have the outfielders hold up signs that add up to read “Will You Marry Me?”


83.Ask your local movie theater to display your proposal on the marquee one night.
84. Go to your favorite Thai restaurant and have the waiter present her with a small card that reads “Will you marry me?” in the original language. Then pop the question in English.
85. Ask her boss to arrange a very special meeting with her. When she gets there, she’ll be surprised to see you there waiting with an engagement ring!
86. If she’s a gardener, plant a rose bush in her garden. Attach a card to the rose bush that pops the question!
87. Go for something different! Present her with a lovely wild orchid, with the ring in a box near the stem. She’ll never forget that flower!
88. Tie the ring to her favorite bouquet of flowers!

Check out these Martha Stewart bouquet ideas!
89. Head to a boardwalk or the State Fair where there are street games where you can win prizes. Make sure the clerk gives out the right prize when she wins: a diamond ring!
90. Head to the aquarium where one of the divers will be holding a sign announcing your special question.
91. Present her with an enormous box that is bigger than her when she gets home. Inside the box, have a series of twenty smaller boxes. When she finally gets to the smallest box, she will find the engagement ring inside.
92. Write the proposal in the frost on her car windshield.
93. If she is a teacher, write out the proposal on the blackboard before she arrives. Then, when she arrives, come in with roses and sweets for everyone.
94. Mix the ring inside her morning box of cereal. She’ll be so surprised to find such an expensive treat inside!
95. Text her a message to lead her to a secret spot. Keep sending her hints and clues until you lead her to you, waiting with cake, champagne and a diamond ring!
96. Have a little red string attached to the door as she walks in. As she follows the string, have special photos attached from your relationship. At the end of the string, let her find the diamond engagement ring.
97. Present her with some expensive handmade chocolates which are individually wrapped. Inside one of the “wrapped chocolates”, have a red piece of paper reading “Will You Marry Me?” and present her with the engagement ring!

Consider buying some handmade chocolates here!
98. Place the ring on her desk at work while she’s out to Lunch. She’ll be surprised when she returns!
99. Place the ring on her pillow before she goes to sleep at night.
100. Propose in the place where you first met with a bottle of champagne, cake and a live violinist.

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