Man Proposes With LEGO Stop-Motion Video!

The perfect geeky and creative way to propose? Yup! Check out the short below, its adorable!

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Cute Spider Man Proposal!

Being a superhero is definitely going to help get a yes, especially when you saved the day! Very cute proposal guy!

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Video: Cute Lip-Dup Marriage Proposal!

We are all a sucker for a cute proposal and Isaac Lamb’s elaborate special moment for his girlfriend Amy, really makes our day. With the help of 60 people, family and friends, this became the first lip-dup proposal! I love that she is in the car and its like a show, and that she can only see them, cause she has headphones on with the song playing. Plus hearing her excitement and laughing throughout is just adorable!

Cute idea, congrats you two!

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Internet Proposal!

Len wanted to make sure that when he proposed to his girlfriend, Katie, he would make it memorable, and he sure did!

On the top of Buzzfeed‘s page we always have different options to click on, they look like this:

But for a couple of hours it was dedicated to Katie:

Cute! Now, once you clicked on the link, you would see a picture of Len on bended knee, of course:

Len let people photo reply to the post and put up their own memes, they were tagged #KatieSayYes…but very soon after…an update…

Katie had to say yes, it was adorable! Good job Len!


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New Gay Marriage Viral Campaign Is Heartwarming

Gay marriage is something has been much debated here in the United States. But slowly it has become possible for the gay community to marry. But aside from the states, this a fight that is also fought around the world. Australia introduced a viral coampaign supporting gay marriage and since then other countries have jumped on the bandwagon. This week Italy released their beautiful commercial/ film supporting gay marriage and its simply moving.

Its so depressing to know that a person cannot marry someone they truly love because its against the law. I can’t imagine being told who I can or cannot marry or love. Its 2012, lets act like it.

Below are both commercials.

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Pizza Hut’s $10,010 Proposal Package

Pizza is awesome. Engagement rings are awesome. I just don’t know if it works together in this case. But don’t fret, if you’ve always wanted to propose to your significant other with the help of Pizza Hut…you now can!

The company released this enticing offer, the $10,010 (plus tax!) package comes with:

A ruby engagement ring, limo service, flowers for your new fiancee, a fireworks display, a professional photographer, a professional videographer, to record what will probably be not so joyful tears, and of course a medium one-topping pizza (guess large was asking for too much…I mean, go hard or go home, no?) with five breadsticks and 10 cinnamon sticks.

So there you go, if you always wanted to get engaged with the help of Pizza Hut, your dreams have officially come true, just in time for Valentine’s Day no less!

Eater / Photo / Pizza Hut