Celine Dion’s Huge Engagement Ring!

Celine Dion is one of the most famous women in the world, she is also known as one of the sweetest, her love for her fans seems never ending same as her energy and drive. She has been entertaining millions for decades and a Hollywood rarity has also been with the same man her whole life…literally. 

Dion met the man she was going to marry, René Angélil, when she was 12 and he was 38. When she was 19 they got together and married 5 years later, in 1991. They have been married ever since, and have three children together. The couple of course has a huge age difference but it does not mean anything to either one of them, Dion has always been with Angélil and thats the only man we will probably ever see her with. She stands by him at every moment and has been extremely vocal about how much she loves him. The romantic couple renewed their vows in 2001.

After Dion’s huge success, Angélil decided it was time for his wife to have an upgrade in regards to her engagement ring, and the man did not disappoint. The ring he presented her with was a 4.5-carat Asscher cut diamond in platinum.
The ring is stunning, and it seem pretty sweet that although they did not have the means to get a ring like this when they first got together, he still went out after so many years and got her a new engagement ring. Very sweet! 

Photo: The Hollywood Gossip / Ring Envy


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