Clarity Project Pushing For Legit Diamond Certification

The Clarity Project is a fair jewelry social enterprise that pushes towards improving the quality of miners and their communties. Journalist Martin Rappaport recently wrote that there is an estimated “tens of thousands of carats of blood diamonds [that] are now in dealers’ inventories and jewelers’ showcases—and are being actively sold to consumers.”
The Clarity Project
Many journalists have noted the failure of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) in which miners are granted certificates for being conflict-free diamonds. Yet thousands of blood diamonds are cut and sold to manufacturers and retailers under the guise of being certified.

The Clarity Project aims to clear these misguided certifications, hold miners accoutnable at the local level, involve stakeholders at the local level, be more community-oriented and conscious of local cultural and authority systems, and finally to devise a more legitimate certification system. Many important debates surrounding these topics occurred at last year’s Fair Trade Conference, which involved the Responsible Jewelry Council and Alliance for Responsible Mining. Either way you look at it, more legitimate diamond certification is a hot issue in the diamond industry right now.

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