Dana Bash & John King To Divorce

I actually didn’t even know that these two were married let alone have a baby! I’ve been under a rock I guess. The couple were together for less than four years and had baby last summer. According to the report from The Washington Post the couple have been living apart for months.

This was the second marriage for both of them, King having two teenage daughters with his previous wife. From The Washington Post:

“They continue to co-parent their young son and to work together with the utmost professionalism,” their friend told us. “They ask that their privacy be respected during this difficult time.” Said another friend: “It’s been a very difficult process getting to this point, one that neither party wanted.”

Sad to see these two great minds not make it work. But they seem to be doing pretty well from what we see, since they both work for CNN. You can check out video of their wedding day here.

Photo / Politico

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