Why are diamonds re-cut?  Diamonds can be re-cut for many reasons.  The most common reason, even though diamonds are the hardest material on earth, is to remove chips and breaks.  Diamonds are also re-cut for the following reasons:

To make them look new and more modern – an Old Mine cut can be re-cut into a modern round brilliant (image shown below).  This will add brilliance, fire, and scintillation.  What once was an antique style cushion cut will now be modern and beautiful.

diamond recutting

To make them look antique – opposite of above….take a round brilliant cut and have it cut to an antique style shape.

To improve brilliance – adding additional facets will increase brilliance to any diamond.

To improve the cut grade – changing the diamond’s proportions will increase the cut grade.

To improve the color grade – excess diamond weight can be removed to increase the color grade.

To improve the clarity grade – certain clarity characteristics can be removed or polished away increasing the clarity grade.  It is not impossible to improve a clarity grade from a SI1 to a VS or VVS grade or even flawless.

diamond before

After looking at this list, you may be wondering why diamond cutters don’t just cut diamonds originally to produce the best color, clarity, and cut possible.  The reason – diamond cutters try to retain as much weight as possible from the diamond rough to maximize its value.   Diamond cutting is a skill and cutters need to compromise between beauty and value.  In the end, the value and salability of a finished diamond determines how a diamond is initially cut and whether or not a diamond is worth re-cutting.

When thinking of re-cutting your diamond it is important to discuss your options with a jeweler.  What you see as a dull chipped diamond may be a prized possession to others.  Over the years, diamond cutting and technology has changed.  If you take a look at your grandmother’s diamond you will notice the difference in brilliance, fire, and symmetry.  The round diamonds of today are much more brilliant than those of yesterday.

Why do people re-cut their original stones?

Sentimental value – Many of us get engaged at an early age and purchase the best diamond possible at that time.  Over the years, our budget and taste may change, but some are attached to the sentimental value of their original stone and upgrading is not an option.   Re-cutting is a great option for those holding onto their original stone for sentimental reasons.

Wear and tear over the years – even the hardest material on earth gets worn with age…over time diamond girdles may chip and your table and upper facets may get scratched.  Having your diamond polished will make it look as good as new.

To increase the color and clarity grade – with cut grade being the most important factor when purchasing a diamond often times color and clarity are sacrificed.  Having your diamond re-cut will enhance both.

Never think your diamond is beyond repair.  It’s amazing to see a poorly polished dull looking or damaged diamond re-cut into a beautiful brilliant stone.  In most cases, you will loose some weight off your diamond, so before starting the process be sure to think about all your options carefully.

When discussing options with your jeweler, ask to see an example of what your diamond may look like after it is re-cut.  Place your diamond and the jeweler’s diamond side by side.  This will give you a good idea of what you can expect and will help you decide.

The cost of re-cutting varies from stone to stone.  A diamond that just needs a little polishing will cost much less to repair than a diamond being re-cut for color or clarity.

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