Diamonds Take A Back Step To Sapphires

With diamonds always being the tell tale sign of an engagement ring, it seems the new it thing is sapphire. Women are going crazy for sapphire engagement rings. The fact is sapphire adds some brilliant color that a diamond can sometime lack. Plus you can get a bigger size sapphire than you could a diamond which makes it more affordable.

A lot of celebrities have been doing sapphires and different color engagement rings as of late, which may be adding to the trend, such as Kate Middleton’s engagement ring that Princess Diana wore. Then of course we have Penelope Cruzs ring from Javier Bardem, that is a stunner. A poll from The Queensland Times shows favor for the infamous sapphire engagement ring that was given to Princess Diana:

Sapphire engagement rings purchases have doubled since the last survey in 2008. The color makes you standout, and if you are looking away from the traditional route then of course something as sparking as a stunning blue gem is a perfect choice.

Photo: Gemvara

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