There is a huge rumor that Dirk Nowitzki is engaged to his beautiful  girlfriend Jessica Olsson. The couple have been dating since last summer and apparently this is the one. But there are conflicting reports. It all started with who claim that Nowitzki proposed to the beauty right before the finals started.


When all of Dallas media picked it up, the official management of the Mavs said it was false. We will have to wait and see how this plays out. Are they engaged and just not saying anything cause they don’t want to steal the thunder from the finals? Or were they never engaged? I do hope whatever they are doing, that they are happy, and it seems from the picture that they are really having some fun together! Good for them! I hope it all works out for them! I will not speak on the finals, but may the best man win!

Photos/ MediatakeOut / Queen of Sports


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