Never one for less, multimillionaire American Idol and X-Factor judge, Simon Cowell, is planning to marry his bride four times this year. Does that fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy will have four different wedding gowns?  Or better yet-four different wedding rings? With different styles–like pave settings and solitaire engagement rings? Probably not! The 50 year-old X-Factor judge just seems to have buckled under pressure from international pals to hold four different weddings in different locations. It’s a far cry from the intimate small affair that Cowell talked about only a month ago.

Simon Cowell and Mezhgan Hussainy

Word in the blogosphere is that Cowell will marry in Brighton, England, Los Angeles, Barbados, and Hollywood. Another (strange) rumor is that the weddings will feature a Salvador Dali theme.

Cowell’s brother told Real Radio this week, “My mum is in Los Angeles this week sorting out the lovebirds and coming back, hopefully, with a wedding date. Mum’s final words to me before she flew off to LA were, ‘Last year he said he was never, never, never going to get married and this year he’s getting married four times.”

Cowell may be many things, but he’s definitely not cheap with dollars and carats. Hussainy was seen just last month wearing a brilliant cut engagement ring estimated to be worth $750,000 and approximately six carats. “You can see that the clarity and color is nothing less than perfect!” We’ll be sure to see what Cowell show us for wedding rings.


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