Holly Hunter appeared on the Late Late Show this week wearing a conspicuously large diamond on her ring finger and host Craig Ferguson wasn’t about to let it go. Desperately hoping for an engagement announcement, he pressed Hunter about the ring on her finger.

Holly Hunter

“Do you have some news?” Ferguson asked. Hunter looked down at the ring and coyly sighed, “Well, you know…”
“It’s a bold statement right there.”
“I know, isn’t it, though?” Hunter added. “It’s very bold, from a very confident man.”
“He used to have money at one point, clearly. Probably not so much anymore!”

52 year-old Hunter, an Oscar winner and star of the TNT drama, Saving Grace, was married to Polish cinematographer Janusz Kaminski from 1995-2001. Since then, she has been dating actor Gordon MacDonald. Hunter surprisingly gave birth to twins in 2005 at the age of 47. She obviously tends to keep her romantic life private and not divulge too many details about her personal life, either. So we may not know if there are wedding rings in the plans anytime soon–most likely after the wedding has taken place!


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