Those interested in buying an exclusive engagement ring, may want to first check out the book, 7 Ways to Buy an Engagement Ring She’ll Love.  This is the best way to start researching how you’re going to impress her with an engagement ring she’ll love.

Tacori engagement ring

First you’ll want to discuss the basic considerations you’ll have when purchasing a ring, such as the variety of ring styles, stone shapes and budget range. A diamond shape and cut are not the same thing.  A cut refers to the number of facets and how these facets are proportioned.  The shape is the way in which a stone is cut.  For example, Round Brilliant Cut, Emerald Cut, Pear cut.  You get the point.

Buyers should secondly take into consideration that they will be paying more for a higher clarity and color than simply the carat size alone.  A 2 ct round diamond that is Internally Flawless and a D color, is significantly more valuable than a 5 carat Vs2, J Color.  The higher in color and clarity the diamond is, the more valuable and expensive it will be.

You’ll want to go window-shopping for a ring.  You can do this alone or with her, though it might be good to nonchalantly ask her questions while window-shopping one day in order to get a sense of what she’s looking for!

If you choose to just simply pick out a particular stone, then you might want to consider having a jeweler place it on a very basic setting, propose and then pick out the actual setting together.  That way she can get the ring she wants and you can get the benefit of surprising her!

Engagement ring shoppers may also strive to find cost-effective ways to purchase a diamond ring. Keep in mind that you need not stick to that old saying that an engagement ring should be two month’s salary.  If you can’t afford that, consider going for a smaller diamond and accenting it with a wedding band.  You might also make use of a family heirloom and transform that into your engagement ring–something she is sure to appreciate because of it’s sentimental value.


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