Choosing the perfect diamond shape for your engagement ring is important and before making your decision you should consider much more than what shape you like best.  Your engagement ring will be one of the more significant purchases you’ll ever make and considering all your options is essential.

What diamond shapes are there?

diamond shape chart

Before making your decision familiarize yourself with each shape and the differences between them.  Do you like the fire and brilliance of the round brilliant cut, radiant cut or princess cut, the romantic look of the cushion cut, heart, or oval cut, or the classic long lines of the emerald cut.

While personal preference is extremely important here are some other things to consider.

Things to consider

Will the shape be practical to your life style?  Based on your life style certain settings may be better than others.  For example, if you work in the medical profession a diamond shape that can be set in a low profile setting may work better for you.

Size of your fingers and hand –certain shapes will enhance certain features.  For example, the oval elongates your fingers.   Also, a 1.00ct round brilliant will look much different than a 1.00ct emerald.

The quality of the diamond – we always recommend quality over weight.  Certain shapes will need to be purchased in a higher cut, clarity, and color grade than others.  For example, the clarity characteristics in a round brilliant will be less visible than in an asscher or emerald.

After choosing the perfect diamond shape for you make sure you take a look at several setting options.  You’ll want to find a setting that shows off your center stone and doesn’t hide it.

To learn more about diamond shapes, visit our diamond education section


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