Husband & Wife, Married 61 Years, Die Hours Apart

A couple married for 61 years died hours apart from each other on Sunday. Nancy Trimmer passed away in her sleep around midnight on Sunday. Her husband, Richard Trimmer who spent years fighting kidney failure, lung cancer and heart issues with his wife by his side, was told of her death while he was in the hospital recovering from a fall.

He died 12 hours after hearing of her death. The couple were high school sweethearts and had six children.  Their children and grandchildren shared that they were always inseparable. This story is heartwarming and melancholy all at the same time. It reminds me of the Titanic, remember the older couple, Mr. and Mrs. Straus, who died together holding hands? There were so few life boats and women were asked to go first, leaving a lot of the men behind. Mr. Straus was not given a seat on a life boat and Mrs. Straus chose to be with her husband and perish with him than live without him.

These are the tearjerker stories you hear that remind you that true love is alive and well. I can understand how upsetting it is to lose both your parents within a day, but at the same time, they were just not meant to be apart.

Evening Sun / Photo / Screen Cap / Evening Sun

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