Katherine Heigl Pear Shaped Engagement RingEngagement rings come in many styles and shapes. One of my favorite is cushion cut, so classic and yet not perfectly round, and of course not perfectly square. But one shape that has come up recently is pear shaped engagement rings.

The pear shaped engagement ring is different, and it can look quite elegant while still being unique. Many stars have taken to this look and it has had a sudden resurgence.  A notable one as of late, is Katherine Heigl’s, a large 3-carat diamond surrounded by a pave. On a sentimental note, the ring incorporates her mothers engagement ring.

One of the first stars to help the pear shaped comeback was Jessica Simpson. When Nick Lachey presented her with her engagement ring, it was not something that was “in style” but soon was being copied throughout the jewelry world. Simpson’s ring consisted of a 4-carat diamond accompanied with two smaller ones on either side.

Anna Kournikova engagement ringMost recently another star jumped on the bandwagon, Anna Kournikova, and boy did she jump– in a big big way.  The star is currently engaged to Enrique Iglesias, together they chose the whopping 11-carat pink diamond with smaller diamonds on the sides, the ringer supposedly cost upwards of two million.

So, with this new resurgence we are shown that there are even more ways to make your ring special, that with so many options, surely one, when the time is right, will catch your fancy.


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