Jen Aniston Opens Up About Justin Theroux

In the newest issue of InStyle everyone’s fantasy gal pal, Jen Aniston, opens up about how the media thrives on the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie drama from so many years ago. Not one to be shy she states:

“The triangle with my ex-husband – and that there’s a feud there. It’s constant. It’s a story headline that won’t go away, but it’s a money thing.”

That is true, no doubt about it, and it is annoying, especially when things are being made up out of nothing. That’s just absurd. As for the interview, I wish she had spoken out on her time with John Mayer, I find him insufferable, and semi-racist at that. I just do not get what she was thinking being with him.

Aniston went on to talk about how she loves her current boyfriend’s, Justin Theroux, style. I gotta say, me too! He dresses simple but with an edge and who can resist a man in a leather jacket? She shares:

“First of all, he has great style – it’s very specific and it has been his style forever.
“I know people say … ‘Oh, look, you’re dressing alike.’ And I think, No I’m not. I’ve had this jacket for three years!”

I like this couple. I won’t lie. Good for her for finally getting the media to somewhat shut up about “lonely and desperate Aniston” crap.

People / Photo / AceShowBiz

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