Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult, Adorable Together

A Jennifer Lawrence post means I have to mention Hunger Games which I am not ready for, I am still traumatized from book three. So. Hunger Games is coming out soon, yay! That being said, the pretty starlet spend her Valentine’s Day with my favorite actor from UK’s Skins, Nicholas Hoult.

The two have been together for a little over a year, they met on the set of X-Men: First Class. I have to say I kind of love them together, they seem very down to Earth, they have been spotted playing basketball and out in local restaurants, not dressed to their nines, but in just casual jeans and a tee.

Although they have been going out for a while we have not seen them be very affectionate in public (can’t blame them, seems super intrusive to kiss your boyfriend in front of tons of cameras) but yesterday they threw caution to the wind. Spotted out on a stroll the two locked lips and embraced. Awfully cute there youngins.

They are still quite new, and this is Hollywood, but they do seem great together and also aren’t spotted out and about bar hopping and clubbing…hmm, they may actually have a shot.


Photos / Celebuzz

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