Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest stars in the world, she is one of the highest paid actresses and has seen success several times over with regards to her music career. Soon we will be seeing even more of her as she is one of the judges on American Idol Season 10, which premieres January 19. Lopez has never been scared of being seen as extravagant, she is often seen wearing diamonds and fur. With this kind of track record it was to be expected that her engagement ring be up to par, and boy has it.

Lopez has been engaged four times, Ojani Noa, who she married, Chris Judd who she also married and Ben Affleck who she was engaged to, but they broke off the engagement before they took the plunge. Last but not least is Marc Anthony to whom she is currently married to with two children.

The two most memorable rings Jennifer Lopez has received are from Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony. Ben Affleck chose an unbelievably gorgeous and 6-carat pink diamond. The stunning engagement ring set him back a cool three million dollars and is to this day still talked about.

When the relationship went bust, the ring came off…but less than two months later, Lopez was seeing hugely successful Spanish singer and occasional actor Marc Anthony. They actually dated briefly in the 1990’s but broke it off. Yet, the second time around it was the real deal. Soon the two were engaged, and with one hell of a ring!

Anthony, not to be outdone by Affleck, chose a blue diamond for her engagement. Blue diamonds are extremely rare and this one showcases the beauty they  possess. The diamond is a dazzling 8.5-carats and set Marc Anthony back over four million dollars.

Marc Anthony sure made us jealous when he presented Lopez with that stunning ring. We hope they stay together because the next guy would have a lot to live up to! They seem to have it all worked out, no worries there. Can’t wait to see this sparkler on American Idol.

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