Jennifer Love Hewitt Has No Problem Being Desperate

Jennifer Love Hewitt has never been married, which suprises me, since she is a serial dater. The woman has dated everyone. And now she has her sights on a newly single singer…while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the actress shared that she has had her eye on Adam Levine for a while…and now that he is single she wants him.

I always feel this kind of stuff is adorable, but in the case of Hewitt it just doesn’t work. For one she broke up with Carson Daly and didn’t even tell him… he found out when he was listening to her on The Howard Stern show…then you have the whole I-already-picked-my-engagement-ring-thing…its all too much Love.

While on the show:

“I always have my eyes out. I just read two days ago that Adam Levine is single again … I’m just saying.”

Good luck girl…


People / Photo / Wikipedia / CelebrityTattooDesign

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