Jerry Lee Lewis Is Engaged To His Cousin’s Ex-Wife

Jerry Lee Lewis was never a man who was far from controversy. The singer who gave us the classic “Great Balls of Fire” married his 13 year old cousin Myra Gale Brown back in 1957 when he was 23 years old…that being his third wife by the way.

Well it seems he never strays far to find love. Lewis will be walking down the aisle for the 7th time at 76 years old. The woman in question is Judith Brown, she is the ex-wife of his cousin Rusty. Rusty is the brother of Lewis’ third wife, the 13 year old cousin he married, Myra. How about that for keeping it all in the family?

Rusty is not happy with the whole deal and shared this when he was interviewed for Enquirer:

“In 2010, I walked in on them and caught her rub­bing his legs — the way you’re not sup­posed to. I confronted her and said, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ and she denied anything was going on.”

On Judith:

“She has a proven track record of being a gold digger. The crazy thing is that Jerry never liked Judith, and she used to say Jerry was dirty and that he stunk. But once she got the smell of his money, things changed.”

Rusty also goes on to share that Lewis was like a dad to him and he is very hurt that he would do this to him, he even once played drums in Lewis’ band. If this is all how it went down, Lewis is a dog. Although if he is actually engaged to her, how else could it have all gone down? Why would you do this to your own family? Talk about selfish. What a bum.


Spinner / Photo / CNBC



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