Jessica Biel Rejects Justin Timberlake’s Ring, Found Diamond Too Small

Jessica Biel is on of those actresses that you either love or hate. Its very divided and she does not seem to have the charisma that say Mila Kunis has. Regardless she is doing something right since she has managed to tie down one of the most flirty, out going, good looking men in Hollywood, Justin Timberlake.

I know that Mr. Timberlake has a lot of fans, and who can blame them, he seems to be very cool to have around, but he has always been seen as a cheater…well at least until Britney Spears broke his heart. All in all the guy maybe deserves a little break. He got cheated on by his girl whom he kept talking about in the media, who he knew since he was a kid and the other guy was one of his close friends…and it happened in front of the whole world.

That sucks. Maybe he is faithful now, but back in the day when he first dated Biel he did cheat, which is why they broke up the first time. Clearly she has since forgiven him, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

We know that Timberlake proposedbut like we saw no ring was spotted at the Golden Globe. That does not really have to mean anything, but the rumors have started. It seems that Biel did not appreciate the diamond ring that her boyfriend got her…so much so that she has asked him to take it back and get her a bigger one. Thankfully, Timberlake has the means to do this…but I can’t help thinking how absolutely snobby this is.

First of all, I always felt that if the person you are planning to spend the rest of your life with did not pick out a ring you love, then maybe that person does not know you as well you think…which is not ideal when you think marriage. But different aspects can arise and many things come into play: You wanted a solitaire he gets you a three diamond ring, you don’t care about size but really want a colored gem, he gets you a giant diamond. These things matter.

Biel, wanted a bigger diamond. Like I said, this kind of comes off snobby. Sources close to the couple spoke out, from The Enquirer:

“Bling it on!” That’s what Jessica Biel told Justin Timberlake after turning up her nose at his skimpy diamond engagement ring, sources say. Biel – who hit the Globes red carpet solo, and with a ringless finger – has ordered Justin to splurge on a new sparkler, where has Justin enlisting his mom’s help!

“When Justin proposed to Jessica, she was disappointed with his choice of ring,” said a source.

“Jessica isn’t a fancy girl, but she wanted something stunning – a bigger diamond that would impress her friends. Instead, Justin went more minimal, thinking she’d prefer something less flashy.”

But Biel believes Justin will be her partner for life, and wants a diamond that reflects their lasting love, the insider divulged.

“Jessica told Justin that although she was moved by his proposal, she wanted a ring with more bling,” maintained the source. “He was very understanding, and told her that she deserves to have what she wants. To placate her, Justin has not only enlisted his mom for help with her ring, but he’s going to propose all over again.”

“Justin will tide Jessica over with a ring – one that she’s happy with.”

We will have to see how big that ring is when she finally decides to wear it, see how true the rumor was…

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