Jessica Biel Shows Off Her Engagement Ring

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got engaged in the beginning of January, yet we just saw Biel’s ring for the first time. And now that the cat is out of the bag, she is having no qualms showing it off.

In the beginning of the year when we first heard that the couple had gotten engaged many people were anxious to see the diamond stunner, and when Biel attended the Golden Globes without the ring, curiosity grew.

But then a rumor hit: Biel did not like the ring that Timberlake had proposed with…she wanted a bigger diamond…Now, I always grew up thinking, from just older women, that if the person you love proposes and you hate the ring…then he may not know you as well as you think they do.

Lets say we believe the rumor, and she did in fact think the diamond was to small and wanted another ring, no matter what, the first thought that comes into my head concerning her reaction: superficial.

Now…fast forward to this week, and all we have seen is Biel with her ring, and its big. Very big. Maybe even a tad gaudy big. But if it makes her happy, and he obviously has the means to make her the engagement ring from her dreams, then hey…go for it.

But I still can’t get past how just…not dainty it is…it looks more like a cocktail ring than an engagement ring. But hey, she is the one wearing it, not me.


Photo / Us Magazine / PopSugar

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