There’s a new kind of jewelry coming to town that is both eye-catching, distracting and entirely original.  Fringed jewelry designs seem to be everywhere now, taking inspiration from a wide variety of sources.  One very obvious source of inspiration seems to be the American West, where nearly all jewelry and accessories seem adorned with fringes, particularly fringed leather.  Rock n’ roll is another influence, as fringed jewelry items recall some of the hippie appeal and outlandish styles of the 1960s.

It’s gotten a lot of celebrity designers talking.  Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe recently applauded the prevalence of fringe on her blog, as a “less-expected take on hippie cool”.  Designer Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel has been looking to feathers lately—perhaps appropriately as these were some of Coco Chanel’s original motifs.  He has been said to implement fringes in embellished garments, as well as some of the jewelry designs for the upcoming season.

The effect of fringes on jewelry seem to be an interesting trend as some of the designs appear to be a continuation of the tangled jewelry trends of 2009.  But for some, fringe and passing fashion trends will never work.  Timeless pieces like diamond tennis bracelets and diamond stud earrings are classic, contemporary items that will work in any circumstance. But who says the classic and contemporary items of your jewelry collection can’t sometimes go together?


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