Joy Behar has gotten married! What is in the water at The View! One fourth or sometimes fifth host of the show got married last Thursday after being with her partner Steve Janowitz, 29 years. Wow, now that is a long time, we have no clue what caused the change of heart, especially considering that the two were actually engaged back in 2009, but called it off due to Behar’s “cold feet.”

It looks like when The View comes back on in September it will all be wedding talk! But like I said I am very curious as to what made Behar walk down the aisle, she is by far one of the funniest and sweetest on the View and definitely one of the most honest…I am waiting to here what made her choose that day considering it was  the same weekend as her co-host, Sherri Shepherd. Behar is currently on her honeymoon.

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