Katy Perry Has A New Flame

Wasn’t Perry just hooking up with a gorgeous French model? Yea, she was. Well it looks like that was just a rebound and she is now on to someone who may be more serious, if only for a little while.

Perry attended Coachella, and while there was spotted making out, hugging and cuddling with Florence + The Machine‘s Robert Ackroyd. The two looked the picture of carefree summer love.

Rumor around town? She is calling him her boyfriend. The second I see a picture of them with Rihanna, then I will know its serious…considering that is her bestie and all.

Good stuff though, I like Perry, she seems pretty chill and down to Earth not to mention she was very classy with the whole divorce proceeding, actually both her and Russell Brand were to be honest.

She seems cool to hang out with, hope it works out for her!




Photo / Daily Mail / Digital Spy

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