The rumors that Lady Gaga is engaged will not go away. It has been going on for a while, and the Internet has been abuzz, nothing concrete has been established…but that has not stopped many from looking into it.

Lady Gaga met Luc Carl while he was bartending, back in 2006. They dated for two years. They broke up and of course Lady Gaga became what Lady Gaga is now…the new big thing, she was everywhere last year and it could not be avoided. Everything she touched was golden, she has become one of the biggest stars in the world, and has the most tweeter followers in the world.

After all of this, Gaga has rekindled her relationship with Luc Carl. We do not know how it all happened, but what we do know is that for over a month now the two have been living together in Gaga’s lavish $25,000 dollars a month Bel Air estate.

Carl is a former drummer and we have no idea if he is still in a band or whatnot. Many fans have questioned the romance, and hope the unique singer goes about getting a prenuptial  agreement. With Gaga being the new big thing we know that she has been making some serious money, and shes only gonna get more and more popular. So, maybe getting a prenuptial agreement would be something that can help prevent future problems, just in case.

We also have to wonder what kind of ring what Gaga go for? Its said that Carl has proposed but does not have the money to buy her a ring, is she gonna buy her own? Who knows, regardless she will surely be one to go all the way when it comes to her ring. For a woman who wears a meat dress, we can not even begin to imagine what she will look for in a ring…



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