We reported this a while back…but now we have solid proof. Lily Allen has got to be engaged, she might even be married! The pretty singer began the new year with quite a ring on her very important ring finger…We do hope that this is in fact her engagement ring, she deserves it. As we have covered before, the singer has had a very difficult time the last year. She suffered a miscarriage, her second and while trying to recuperate from that emotional turmoil, doctors found an infection in her blood that made her stay in the hospital for over three weeks. 

Thankfully the star has had her boyfriend (maybe fiancee…maybe husband) by her side to give her strength. Could they have gotten hitched? After going through such an ordeal, good news would seem in order…the ring spotted on Allen was quite a large diamond ring…but along with the ring there was a diamond wedding band.

We don’t know if she is engaged or married…but we are leaning towards marriage at this point. Whatever the reason for the diamond ring and band we are just happy to see her up and about, hopefully this is a testament to how great her new year will be. 



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