Marilyn Monroe’s Wedding Ring From Joe DiMaggio Up For Auction

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic women to ever step on to Hollywood ground. Her beauty coupled with her personality, which was just as gregarious and it was shy led her to become a model and movie star quickly. 

But with all that she had going for her, she still had one of the hardest lives, a life that is still remembered for being so tragic. First, her mother suffered from schizophrenia, which led her to be put into a mental institution, same thing happened to her grandmother. Both women died in institutions. Not something that can ever be taken lightly and something that effected Monroe in so many ways…it is a known fact that she herself suffered from depression and some biographers even say that she was just mentally ill as the other women in her family.

Nobody knows for sure if she committed suicide, or if she died of an overdose, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. She was a beautiful woman with solid talent who was taken advantage of throughout most of her life. There was one person in her life who also wanted her to act a certain way, but who also stood up for her when she needed it most, Joe DiMaggio.

The famed Yankee player wanted Monroe to quit acting sexy, and to actually give up her career all together. She did not take this lightly, and refused to do it. This led to constant jealousy from his part, and to many fights.


But, DiMaggio was the only one who fought for her when she was sent to Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic. She called DiMaggio once she was brought in and he fought to get her moved, flying in from Florida to get her transferred to Columbia Presbyterian in New York.When Monroe died he sent half a dozen roses three times a week for twenty years to her crypt,  stopping in 1983. That my friends, is loyalty.

So now that news has broke that the stunning eternity band that DiMaggio gave Monroe on their wedding day is going up to auction…I know thousands of fans wish they could get their hands on it. Aside from the legendary status that it has, the ring itself is stunning, emerald cut, closed spaced diamonds, sitting on a beautiful platinum band.

The ring is simply a stunner, and you know it is going to be a popular item, I have no clue what it will end up selling for, but I won’t be surprised at a couple of hundred thousands, hell if I won the lottery tomorrow I would go to this auction in hope of coming home with the remarkable  ring.

Daily Mail / Photo / Life / Daily Mail

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