Mel Gibson’s Ex-Wife To Receive $425 Million Dollars

Mel Gibson was once one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, he had looks, humor and acting chops, with this talent he made a lot of money and seemed to have it all. Married for 26 years to his wife Robyn Moore the two seemed to have it all, having seven healthy children.

But his whole life changed the day he got arrested for drunk driving in 2006, she left the very next day and the couple have been separated since then. Yet, it was not until 2009 that Moore filed for divorce. Gibson has had a very public struggle with alcoholism and it is sad, but under the influence the actor has made some very racist, homophobic and anti-semitic remarks. Although he was one of the biggest actors once, his personal life has made reviving his career very difficult.

Gibson once again made headlines when his once girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva and mother of his small toddler recorded his threats to her and sold it for all the world to hear. The recordings only solidified that Gibson was not the person everyone had thought, and that he could be quite dangerous.

The once action star had fallen…hard, but that did not mean that he was not rich, and rich he was, worth $850 million dollars, Gibson earned a lot of his millions in the last 10 years, having started in three movies during that time that each made over $100 million dollars: The Patriot, Chicken Run and What Women Want.

But with Gibson divorce from his wife finally going through in January 2012, his wife is entitled to half his money and to half of future earnings for the rest of his life. His soon to be ex-wife will be taking home $425 million dollars to start, and who knows what else in the future. Ya think Gibson regrets not getting a prenuptial agreement?

Photo / E! News

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