Everyone was talking about it.  But that’s what the Queen of Pop likes. When has she ever turned down free publicity?  “Causing a commotion” is exactly the way she makes headlines.  And this week it’s no exception.  Because she dropped Baby Jesus aka Jesus Luz, her Brazilian lover in his early twenties, nearly half her age.

There was speculation in previous weeks that an engagement plan was in the works.  Madonna, who is 50, reportedly wanted another child.  The irony of Madonna and Jesus Luz having a child would have been tabloid fodder for weeks.

But now there is news that Jesus Luz has left the Queen of Pop, packing his bags, without leaving her with so much as an engagement ring.  Not that she needed anymore jewelry.  And not that he got off bad either.  Luz has reportedly been working high-profile modeling and DJ gigs for months because of his connection to the Queen of Pop.   Since Madonna picked him up as a model for a high-profile, provocative and post-divorce photo shoot for V Magazine last year, Luz has had the opportunity to work the catwalks of Milan, New York and Paris.  Not bad for someone who just a few years ago was working as a shirtless vendor on the streets of Rio.  The split is reportedly amicable.  The singer, furthermore, has sworn off any future plans to marry after her protracted divorce with British filmmaker Guy Ritchie just last year.



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