Fall tones are all about orange and yellow. November, being the month right before the green and red themed month of December, is always the month we see orange diamonds and earth tones being displayed. The leaves are changing, and who does not want a stunning diamond to help celebrate the upcoming season?

An orange diamond is very hard to come by, let alone hard to purchase. Just recently a miner in South Africa discovered an exceptionally rare orange stone. The 7.53-carat diamond is to be sold in Johannesburg this month.

With the find we were reminded of the most vivid and dazzling orange diamond ever, the Pumpkin Diamond. A fancy vivid orange, over 5 carats, cut and polished by William Goldberg, who then it to Harry Winston for $1.3 million dollars.

Halle Berry wore the famed orange diamond for the Academy Awards in 2002. It is currently the words largest and most vivid diamond of this rare color. After the rough stone discovered last month, we shall have to wait and see if Halle Berry is still the grand winner when it comes to that honor.


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