Olivia Wilde To Divorce

Olivia Wilde is one of the most famous women in the world, especially when it comes to her beauty. The talented actress has been in some of the most famous movies in the last couple of years, and will be showcasing her talent yet again for the Blockbuster hit movie: Cowboys & Aliens, and can be seen now in the mega hit Tron.

Wilde has topped the list for being quite sultry and that she is! Her beautiful almond eyes and sweet nature makes her much desired. But alas, many men had their dreams crushed when they found out the young starlet was married.

She eloped with her boyfriend and married at the tender age of 18. Who was the man that made her his wife? An Italian prince! That’s right, the prince, Tao Ruspoli. Ruspoli was 27 at the time and the two were very happy together, But, now 8 years later, the two have decided to call it quits.

All we can say is, well, being married for 8 years when you marry at 18, and you’re in Hollywood…is impressive. With Scarlet Jo single and now Olivia Wilde…it seems the men can now rejoice…now all they need is Christina Hendricks…


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