Paris Hilton’s 24 Carat Engagement Ring

As we know Paris Hilton is one of the more extravagant woman we have seen in the reality world. She is a socialite and part of the Hilton dynasty, so with all that she was born into it’s understood that she would have some expensive taste. And her boyfriend at the time knew that for sure, Paris Latsis. Yes, the same first name as Paris. What are the chances?

These two hit it off and got engaged back in May of 2005, he presented Paris with one of the most infamous rings in history, a staggering 24-carat diamond ring. The ring set Latsis back a cool $4.7 million dollars. It was huge and heavy, so much so that Hilton complained that it was just too cumbersome, and Latsis always the gentlemen bought her a Cartier band to wear when the ring was just too much:

This woman had choices! But she didn’t shy away much from wearing the huge ring…here we have a couple of our favorite pics with the 24-carat diamond:

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