Pharrell Williams has been in the business a long time, so it doesn’t come with any surprise that he would have the money to buy himself a huge diamond ring. And…I do mean huge. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the ring was Kim K’s engagement ring, and then P Diddy’s yellow diamond pinky ring that he wore to some award show…I still remember being shocked when I saw it so many years ago. Now Williams has embedded himself into my brain with a ginormous ring of his own.

Williams showed up to an event with this 17 carat yellow diamond ring. MTO who first spotted the huge rock, is saying he spent $2 million to own the shiny diamond. No clue what the official price is, but yellow diamonds are unbelievably expensive, they are one of the world rarest colors to find, let alone one with a brilliance like the ones these celebs have.

One of the most famous yellow engagement ring belongs to Heidi Klum who was proposed to by Seal with the stunning color stone.


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