Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) tries hard.  Really hard.  The super-skinny 5’4” former Spice Girl and wife of soccer all-star David Beckham, who seems to never go anywhere without her stilletoes is reported to desperately want to get onto the cover of Vogue.  But Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour isn’t having it.  Amongst friends, Posh is said to have tried everything to get the Vogue Editor’s attention.  But the Devil Wears Prada prototype isn’t having it.  Case in Point: March’s Vogue cover will feature comedian and 30 Rock star, Tina Fey.   Which must have stick-thin, pose-hard Victoria seething.

But March’s issue of Glamour will see Victoria on the cover.  Posh tells Glamour:  “I love fashion, that’s how I express myself.”  And she loves to express herself in expensive ways.  The working mom sports a three-carat marquis-cut diamond engagement ring highlighted by baguette diamonds on either side and firmly embedded into the gold setting.  For example.

She goes on to confess to Glamour: “When I dress in a certain way and do my hair and makeup in a certain way, it’s not to get attention.  I’m not a supermodel.  I make the best of what I’ve got.  I work out to look the best that I can, but I’m no Gisele.”  She may be no Gisele, but who needs another supermodel when you have a celebrity as serious about wearing stilletoes as Posh.




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