The most famous couple in the world (nope, we are not talking Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, we are talking royalty here…) Prince William and Kate Middleton have set a date for what will probably be one of the most watched weddings on television, similar to that of his parents.

The date for the wedding? April 29th. Why that day you may ask? It has significant meaning of course! April 29th happens to be the feast day of St. Catherine, the bride’s full first name. The wedding will be held at the Westminster Abbey. The spot boats a 1000-year royal history and is breathtakingly beautiful. It has been previously home to some very glorious weddings: The Queen, Fergie and Prince Andrew to name a few.

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton is Prince William’s private secretary, she tell us her take on the two:

“The couple are completely over the moon, I’ve never seen two happier people, they’re on cloud nine like any other newly engaged couple and they are now getting stuck in to organizing the wedding.”

The couple are enjoying their new engagement and actually plan to make the wedding just as they see, with the help of a team of course, but it seems they are really trying to be hands on, which is quite refreshing.


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