We already know that R. Kelly is not the most faithful husband…let alone someone who should be questioning romance given that there has been rumors that he was into younger girls for years. …Something that helped stall his career…so when he spoke out and said that the reason his marriage failed was because he watched one of the most romantic movies of the last decade, The Notebook, we took a step back.

The Notebook is extremely romantic and its not fluff, it does have a great story, Ryan Gosling came into our hearts with that film and hell…we gladly took him! But should a marriage depend on a movie? That seems…a bit much.

Kelly shares in his memoir, Soulacoaster:

“As the film credits started to roll, I couldn’t move. I burst into tears. People walking past me patted me on the back, trying to console me. ‘The Notebook’ was beautiful, and I was crying because its hero and heroine had died together.  But I was also crying because I remembered a Valentine’s Day — when a helicopter dropped a rainfall of roses — that had come and gone … My marriage had died. And there was nothing I could do to bring it back.”

Regardless, Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly decided to clear the air, she spoke out and said he’s lying:

“[The movie] came out in 2004 and we saw it together.  Our divorce wasn’t finalized until 2009 so it’s impossible that the movie could have been the reason for our relationship ending. We had been separated for 6 years at that point! The movie definitely did not end our relationship!”

Sad to see Kelly fall so far…


Via / TMZ / Photo / IAmSuperGorge / Hollywood Exes


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