Rosie O’Donnell has a love and hate relationship with the media, it can always go either way when it comes to her and I can understand that. She is not one to shy away from drama, and on more than one occasion has been the instigator, which is why I am hoping the new in love O’Donnell has softened up around the edges! 

O’Donnell went through a divorce back in 2007. We know that when it comes to romance she tends to be very private, yet we do know she was dating a Texas based artist Tracy Kachtick-Anders, until earlier this year. The rumor as to why they broke up? Kachtick-Anders could not take the fact that O’Donnell was still so close to her ex-wife with whom she has children. Rosie, like all the best moms, wants her children effected as little as possible with a divorce, so she makes sure that she’s around.

Yes, that can cause jealousy, but its for the good of the children! But that is one less worry, O’Donnell has to go through, cause like we mentioned she’s found new love! She shares “I did not expect it when I met her at Starbucks. She didn’t look like any lesbian I’d ever met. But it’s fun and very exciting.” 

So who is the new girl? Michelle Rounds, 40, who is an I.T. headhunter. Good for both of them! Being in love changes you, hopefully for the better, maybe she will be able to just mellow a little, O’Donnell seems a bit quick to jump the gun in her later years on TV, especially on The View. So its good to see she is in love, happy, and starting over. O’Donnell has a new show, debuting, October 10th, on Oprah‘s channel.

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