Sarah Ferguson Wishes She Had Never Divorced

Sarah Furgeson the Duchess of York was hypnotised recently for her reality show, Finding Sarah on Oprah’s new channel…while she was under, she expressed her regret for divorcing Prince Andrew. Will this make a difference in regards to how she is viewed by the royal family? Probably not… 

“I wish we’d never got divorced. He and I both wish we’d never got divorced, but we did. I wish I could go back and be the bride again, but I can’t. He’s my best friend and the father of my children. He’s a great ex.”

The footage shows Ferguson laying on a chaise with a satin pillow under her head, and speaking to a therapist. Maybe having this reality show will give her a new beginning after all the hardship she has gone through with her debt and videotape bust.

Fergie has gotten herself into so much trouble that she has was not invited to the royal wedding. Both her daughters attended, as we know from the infamous hat…along with her ex-husband. But it must be so embarrassing to be the outsider. Hopefully she turns herself around and is able to get her life on track.

Let’s hope she takes this opportunity with her reality show and mends some fences.

[Telegraph / Photo: Parade